HP Launches New Gem Partner Rewards Program
HP has launched a program to get employees engaged. “Sales reps in the Gem Club earn rewards as they compete for elite membership. Digital jewels are awarded for completing assigned tasks in four categories: survey (sapphire), training (topaz), referrals (ruby), and engagement (emerald). A year from now, the 10 highest performing reps across the U.S. and Canada win a three-night getaway to an exclusive island retreat in the Bahamas for their engagement in the program.”
Airlines’ Gift to New Parents: Loyalty Status
Delta offers reinstatement of loyalty status to new parents. “While many airlines offer reinstatement on a case-by-case basis, Delta’s policy is considered the most generous in terms of the life circumstances it allows for and one of the easiest to navigate, handled through an online application.”
Customer Experience
Uber Eats Gains Momentum as Ride-Hailing Growth Slows
The ride-hailing industry isn’t growing like it was previously, but Uber Eats is faring well. Uber “had lost $1 billion in the first quarter, while growth in its ride-hailing business continued to slow. But in food delivery, Uber’s growth has accelerated over the past three quarters as the service expands globally.”
Apparel Retail Earnings Are Down
Customers are changing, and female consumers are not shopping where they used to. “It’s not that people are buying fewer clothes,” CGP president Craig Johnson said. “But they’re not going the same places anymore.” Brands like Target and Walmart are doing well with apparel, but dedicated women’s apparel stores like Chico’s are struggling.
Salesforce Rolls Out Blockchain Builder for Noncoders
Salesforce has stated that “some of its customers are using an early version of a platform that allows them to build blockchain applications without needing much expertise in the technology, a potential selling point as the demand for blockchain experts outstrips supply.”

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