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“Target Run,” Campaign Helps Brand to Compete
Competing with Amazon is never an easy thing to do. Target is taking steps to assure they can do so now and in the future. The brand has added two new features to its repertoire and will be highlighting them with its “Target Run” campaign.  After the purchase of Shipt last year, same-day delivery will now be available to all Target consumers by the holiday season. Drive-up service, where “consumers can have their purchases brought out to a designated area of the parking lot without having to leave their vehicle,” will also be unveiled at a later date. Both moves are additional steps forward for the brand after the multi-billion dollar store improvements it implemented in 2017.

Fast Food Turns to Robots for Needed Solution
According to the Wall Street Journal, finding human fast food workers is an impossible challenge in today’s labor market. Brands are not turning to robots to replace humans, but instead because they can’t hire enough humans to satisfy demand. Brands such as, “CaliBurger, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Saladworks are looking to automated innovations to help overcome the tight labor market – with 844,000 unfilled positions recorded in April.” Before the rise in robotics, many predicted robots would replace workers. It looks like, at most major brands, robots are being used to compliment humans, not replace them. The number of workers being employed in the fast food industry is 18.4 workers per establishment, up from 17.4 in 2007. Until robots can be dramatically improved, humans will be outperforming, and in higher demand, than robots for the near future. (That is, if restaurants can find available humans).

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