Chipotle Offers Added Customer Convenience of Drive-Thru and Walk Up Windows
New restaurants for Chipotle Mexican Grill will very likely include a drive-thru Chipotlane or potentially a walk-up window to speed throughput and add convenience. Now the chain is looking at converting existing units to drive sales with these margin-boosting features.

Chipotle has found that adding a Chipotlane to an existing unit can increase sales by 5% to 6%, compared to the unit’s pre-drive-thru-lane performance.

The brand has opened several new restaurants that included a walk-up window, notably in Chicago and New York. Chipotle’s Chief Development Officer Tabassum Zalotrawala said, “adding that window clearly provided the convenience customers were looking for.”

Groupon Automates Technology Platform to Optimize Consumer Experience
Groupon is taking steps to simplify the company’s technology platform and lean more into automation. Ultimately, Groupon believes these changes will allow it to accelerate its pace of product development and support better customer and merchant experiences.

When this work is completed, these actions should significantly reduce the size of Groupon’s tech platform and allow it to accelerate its pace of product development focused on building a larger and more differentiated inventory base and launching products to support better customer and merchant experiences.

Publicis’ Dedicated Metaverse Staff Grows to 1000 Employees
Publicis has revealed it now has over 1,000 employees dedicated to developing metaverse projects for clients, including a new chief metaverse officer – a digital avatar called Leon.

Publicis said clients, and its own staff, are increasingly in need of a single point of reference for the work they’re doing in this space. To that end, Leon will help both clients and employees understand the “meta jungle” and showcase the best examples of the work it’s doing from across the Groupe.

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