British Shoppers Aren’t Redeeming Rewards
A loyalty program isn’t entirely successful if members aren’t redeeming. That means the value proposition isn’t clear, and the audience isn’t engaged. Loyalty programs in Britain are underperforming, in this regard. “British shoppers could be missing out on more than £46 billion worth of loyalty points a year, new figures suggest.”
Program Revamp Boosts Loyalty for FriendShip
FriendShip launched a revamped loyalty program, and it is seeing results. “The convenience store retailer increased instore visits by 5 percent and gallons purchased by 18 percent through targeted pump-to-store promotions. Additionally, it has more than doubled the percentage of its loyalty transactions and sales.”
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Walmart to Test Self-Driving Delivery from Warehouse to Warehouse
The role of self-driving vehicles in retail won’t be consumer-facing, at least in the near-future. But for internal use, they’ll be tested soon. “Walmart spokeswoman Molly Blakeman told CNBC the retailer is working with its partner Gatik, a self-driving vehicle startup, to test out a self-driving vehicle. It will travel along a two-mile route in Bentonville, Arkansas between two stores.”
Is Data-Based Marketing Boring?
Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Matthew Kassel ponders whether the data-forward approach used by major brands today for marketing campaigns is making advertising monotonous. “Consumer data has become an integral part of digital ad-buying, allowing advertisers to better target consumers on the internet. Now, data is shaping the creative process as well, a trend that is sparking debate within the advertising industry. Ad agencies’ increasing reliance on data is inverting the traditional creative model, where the teams dreaming up ad campaigns use their gut instincts to tap into the zeitgeist.”
Outback Steakhouse Selects Response Labs to Bolster Brand and Loyalty Marketing Programs
The casual dining restaurant has chosen a new partner to promote brand loyalty. “The primary role for Response Labs is to develop new initiatives within the email channel leveraging data intelligence, segmentation, strategy, creative messaging, and promotions. As new initiatives are deployed, Response Labs will continue to optimize program communications with regular monitoring, insight, and testing.”

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