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7-Up’s Digital Bartender Is Here
This summer, 7-Up wants you to “pour drinks like a pro.” Yesterday, they unleashed their digital bartender app, which will allow users to create cocktails from the recipes provided on the app. All you need is a “smartphone, ice, and a glass,” and you can make popular mixes that the app has generated. The app has 30 recipes, along with easy to follow video instructions, so even the newest of mixers can follow along. The cocktails themselves have been developed by professional mixologists, so users can rest easy knowing the final product will be great.

Pizza Hut Goes Natural(ish)
When you think of Pizza Hut, you think of greasy fast food style pizza and sauce-covered chicken wings that sit somewhere right in the middle in terms of taste. Yesterday, the chain took a step towards getting a little more natural with its ingredients. By 2022, all of Pizza Hut’s chicken will be antibiotic-free. The move is a response to the shift in consumers wanting to feel good about what they eat. With superbugs starting to rise due to the constant flow of antibiotics into some people’s systems, the move helps Pizza Hut get away from contributing to the issue. Not only will the chicken placed on pizzas be antibiotic free, but the chicken wings will be as well. Who knows, maybe the move stops one more superbug from forming in this world, and that’s always a good day.

Who Said Malls Were Dead?
This morning, the WSJ announced the world’s largest mall might be coming to Miami, Florida. American Dream Miami would be a 6.2-million-square-foot retail and entertainment complex and would cost around $4 billion. The zoning has been approved, now they just need environmental and water permits. The mall will create around 25,000 jobs, once opened, partly by attracting 30 million tourists annually. The lure of American Dream Miami will be the entertainment within the mall, as opposed to retail shops and food. Some of the experiences they want to place in the mall include “2,000 hotel rooms, indoor ski slope, ice-climbing wall and waterpark with a ‘submarine lake,’ where guests could enter a plexiglass submarine and descend underwater.”

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