Inheriting Flyer Miles
It’s an unpleasant subject but a poignant one: what happens to a person’s frequent-flyer miles when he or she passes away? “At many airlines, frequent-flier miles vanish when the customer dies. Many airlines close accounts that are sometimes worth tens of thousands of dollars and take back miles. Others may make an exception if you plead, creating hassle and uncertainty in a time of grief.”
Customer Experience
Libra’s Implications for Payments
Facebook has launched Libra, but what does that mean for internet payments? “The announcement today establishes Libra as the foundation for a new, low- or no-cost global payments and financial services ecosystem, one built by Facebook, to give billions of people access to the ‘internet of money.’ This ecosystem consists of that new network, a new global currency and governance system that puts control of Libra in the hands of an association of financial services and payments industry stakeholders.”
An Expanded View of Hotel Loyalty Tech 2019
A report from Skift offers insight into the technology and programs that best enhance the customer experience in the hotel industry. “Today many programs have gone stale. Commoditization has wreaked havoc on the perceived benefits and rewards of these programs, and the epicenter of innovation has shifted to industries like retail.”
Lululemon Embraces Experiential Retail
As Lululemon adds personal-care products to its apparel offerings, the brand is also building stores that create differentiated experiences. “The retailer is finishing a massive, 20,000-square-foot store in the Lincoln Park neighborhood that will include yoga studios, a juice bar, and space for meditation. By 2023, about 10 percent of its bricks-and-mortar stores will be considered ‘experiential,’ like the new Chicago store.”
Home Chef leverages Points’ Loyalty Commerce Platform
Points has announced a multi-year partnership with Home Chef, and now United Airlines’ MileagePlus members will earn frequent flyer miles when they sign up and make their first Home Chef purchase. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Points and United as our launch program,” says Rich DeNardis, Chief Revenue Officer, Home Chef. “The ability to seamlessly introduce our leading meal delivery service to millions of loyalty program members provides us with a huge customer acquisition opportunity.”

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