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Not you too, Honey Smacks…
It’s a bad day for the Kellogg brand. The brand announced last week that they will be recalling some boxes of ‘Honey Smacks,’ due to the possibility of salmonella within the cereal. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 73 unlucky breakfast goers in 31 states were affected by the tainted Smacks. Out of the 73 sickened, 24 were forced into hospitalization. Nobody has died from the cereal, but the FDA is encouraging everyone to throw their Honey Smacks away.

Sam’s Club Gets Smaller
Sam’s Club is switching things up in the name of consumer preferences. Last week, they announced plans to open a new smaller store concept that’s big on tech, fresh foods and grab-and-go meals. The new store measures 32,000-square-feet, compared to the typical 100,000 to 150,000-square-foot club. The emphasis in the new store will be the use of tech with digital signage and cashier-less checkouts using Scan & Go. The club will offer self-serve returns, home delivery options and same-day pickup for online orders. Right now, they are only releasing the concept in Dallas to see what the reaction is.

Whipped Cream Ditches the Dairy
Consumers continue to determine how products are sold in the market; preferences are changing every single day. Whipped cream is yet another casualty of the shifting preferences within the market. This morning, Reddi-Wip, released plans for its new non-dairy product line. Almond milk and coconut milk Reddi-Wip will be hitting the shelves in the next few months for consumers who can’t stomach the traditional cream. Non-dairy milk sales have grown 61 percent over the last five years, with coconut and almond milk sitting at the top of that list.

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