BP Launches New Loyalty Program
BP has launched a new loyalty initiative based on a survey of 2,000 UK adults about what makes them feel good. “The scheme gives customers the chance to enjoy the ‘feel good factor,’ with points earned on fuel and shop purchases—and redeemable from as little as £1.”
How Delta’s Loyalty Offering Is Improving Its Direct Booking Business
Delta’s investment in customer retention is paying off. “Earlier this year it signed a new contract with American Express, worth an estimated $7 billion a year by 2023. Loyalty revenues grew 19 percent to $1.2 billion in the quarter, including around $100 million benefit from the American Express deal.”
Square Launches Loyalty Program in Canada
The POS company has released a program in Canada that enables businesses to create rewards programs. “The tool, dubbed Square Loyalty, allows business owners to customize loyalty programs for their customers; ranging from simple points-earning systems to more complicated tier-structured loyalty programs.”
Customer Experience
GameStop Reacts to the Switch Lite Model
Nintendo abruptly announced the release of a new game console designed for a different audience. Frank Hamlin, Chief Customer Officer for GameStop, said, “I think it’s also a really good adjunct if you haven’t gotten into the Switch yet as a way to get into the Switch ecosystem if you’re presently playing on other systems.” Do note Hamlin’s title.
Employee Engagement
Target Rewards Survivors of ‘The Great Target Outage of 2019’
Equipment malfunctions are frustrating, and the retailer is thanking its employees for managing the stress. “Target is giving employees a special discount for surviving a massive technology outage last month that crashed registers at stores nationwide.”

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