Mack Trucks Launches Association Loyalty Card Program
Mack Trucks has launched a loyalty reward program for members of qualifying industry associations that purchase model year 2019 and 2020 Mack Granite, TerraPro, LR Pinnacle, or Mack Anthem models. This is an expansion in association loyalty, which historically has not seen the formal loyalty programs that are commonplace for individual consumers.
“We recognize that customers require service and support after the initial truck purchase, so we’re pleased that Mack can offer the Loyalty Reward Card Program to help offset some of the cost, while improving customers’ total cost of ownership,” says Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks’ Senior Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing.
Michelob Ultra Uses TV Spot to Target Latinos
While overall alcohol volume (and beer volume, in particular) have been declining in the United States, Michelob Ultra’s sales experienced double digit growth last quarter, making it America’s fastest growing beer. To sustain this growth, the fastest-growing beer seeks to increase its appeal with America’s fastest-growing demographic, Latinos, with a Super Bowl ad featuring Colombian singer Maluma.
“It’s the beginning of a new partnership focused on engaging the U.S. Latino audience,” says Azania Andrews, Vice President of Marketing for Michelob Ultra.
CarGurus Releases Consumer Insight Study
CarGurus, an online automotive marketplace, has released “The 2018 CarGurus Buyer Insight Report,” an in-depth analysis of the digital purchase paths of more than 3,000 auto shoppers. Among the findings, the study found a considerable level of indecisiveness throughout the car shopping process.
“Overall, this research highlights instances of uncertainty in the car shopping experience, causing some shoppers to make very different decisions than the last time they bought a vehicle,” says Madison Gross, Senior Manager of Customer Insights at CarGurus. “Shoppers switching car brands creates both an opportunity and a challenge, for carmakers and dealerships alike. This study unearthed how the number of online resources used while shopping for a car creates multiple touchpoints to impact the process, but it also means that brand loyalty alone cannot be relied upon as the main car shopping influence.”

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