Loyalty360 Reads: January 15 | BP Launches New Loyalty Program, Levi’s Introduces New App, and More

Loyalty / Rewards Programs

BP launches new US consumer loyalty program

BPme Rewards, a new consumer loyalty program, has been introduced at participating BP and Amoco retail stations across the United States. Customers now can complete fueling transactions through their mobile devices via the BPme app. All fuel rewards now are combined in the app, providing a more user-friendly experience. “We know consumers are busy, so we want to make fueling up as quick and easy as possible, while continuing to provide great rewards that keep them coming back,” Nicola Buck, BP head of marketing, said in a company release. “BPme Rewards delivers on both of these promises – and is a cornerstone of BP’s strategy to connect seamlessly with today’s on-the-go consumers.”


Levi’s Introduces New App, Pilots Loyalty Program

Levi’s recently launched a new mobile app, which features curated editorial and brand content aimed at the company’s superfans. Some premium products will be available only on the app, while it also will display collaborations with high-end fashion brands. Levi’s also is piloting the Levi’s Red Tab Member Program, which will be introduced in phases through 2020. Those who sign up for the loyalty program will receive free shipping with no minimum purchase as well as a series of personalized benefits based on their preferences.



Wayfair Invests in Tech to Help Scale Its Growing Business

Wayfair is using Google Cloud for its new cloud strategy, helping the global retailer scale its operations and offer a better experience for its customers, employees, and suppliers. Wayfair previously partnered with Google Cloud to help run Way Day, the annual sale that brings in thousands of new customers and involves millions of transactions. "As an e-commerce leader, Wayfair has always been committed to improving the shopping experience with cutting-edge technologies, and that's why we partnered with an innovator in the retail technology space like Google Cloud,” said Steve Crusenberry, vice president, infrastructure and platform engineering, Wayfair. “Google won us over with the speed, reliability and performance of their technology, but more importantly, their team's willingness to work side-by-side with us at every level to solve our trickiest scaling challenges.”



Corporate Social Responsibility

Expensify Launches First Corporate Card Rewards Program with Automatic Charitable Donations

Expensify recently introduced Karma Points, a new corporate card that makes an automatic donation to charity each time a cardholder makes a purchase. Expensify will donate 10 percent of Expensify Card revenue to causes with a variety of different missions. “The reality is, rewards worth hundreds of billions of dollars go unredeemed every year, and most people with rewards cards spend more in fees and interest than the rewards they earn,” said David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify. “Revenue from these rewards programs is literally measured in pennies on the dollar -- or fractions of pennies. But what if we combined all those billions of fractions of pennies and put them into the hands of those who need them a whole lot more than we do? That’s the idea behind Karma Points.”




Ingenico iCON Cas Helps Merchants Design More Creative Mobile Checkout Experiences

Ingenico unveiled its iCON case at NRF’s Retail Big Show this week. “The iCON case pairs Ingenico mobile payment devices with iOS or Android devices via a patent-pending magnetic case attachment to allow these businesses to create more value for consumers in-store and reimagine how they use their space,” an Ingenico company release states. “Whether you’re a retailer trying to open up your space for better customer engagement or a restaurateur looking to make payments a more invisible part of the dining experience, mobile technology needs to be a large part of your strategy,” Irfan Nasir, head of solutions deployment & development, Ingenico Group North America, said in the release. “Ingenico’s iCON case helps turn staff into customer service assets capable of engaging more meaningfully with today’s consumer and being ready to accept payment immediately at their point of decision.”

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