Loyalty360 Reads: IHOP Launches Stacking Up Joy Platform, Subway Enhances the Customer Experience with Footlong Treats, and DISH Media Partners with The Trade Desk

Stacking Up Joy: IHOP’s New Program Designed To Combat Food Insecurity 

IHOP has launched its Stacking Up Joy platform with the intention of uniting people in the communities where the popular pancake restaurants are located. The new platform will support IHOP’s charitable giving initiatives. The brand has partnered with Feeding America® for a Month of Giving campaign wherein guests dining in-store or ordering online will be able to add $1 or more to the final check February 1 – 29, 2024. The donations will go to combating food insecurity in local communities. In the coming year, IHOP teams, franchisees, and guests will be presented with additional opportunities to make a positive impact through partnerships the brand has formed with community organizations. 

“Our purpose of spreading more joy to more guests in our communities is why establishing a program like Stacking Up Joy is a natural fit for us, as we support families facing hunger around the country,” shares Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP. 

“Nearly 1 in 7 people in the U.S. are unable to access the food they need to thrive. Tackling food insecurity is not something we can do alone, and we are thrilled to have partners like IHOP join us in the movement to end hunger,” adds Lauren Biedron, Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships at Feeding America

IHOP is putting the spotlight on the Month of Giving campaign and the February 13th Annual National Pancake Day celebration by partnering with actress Xochitl Gomez.  

Learn more about IHOP’s Rewards Program here: https://www.ihop.com/en/rewards  


Subway® Sidekicks Enrich the Guest Experience One Foot at a Time 

Fans of sandwich chain Subway are flocking to restaurants to buy Subway Footlong Cookies, Cinnabon® Footlong Churros, and Auntie Anne’s® Footlong Pretzels. Following the launch of the new menu category, 3.5M+ “Subway Sidekicks” were sold in only two weeks. The brand is scrambling to meet ongoing demand.  

The initiative is designed to enhance the guest experience while supporting franchisees. Subway restaurants received deli meat slicers to improve food quality, and a simplified menu features chef-inspired sandwiches.  

Digital enhancements and the relaunch of Subway MVP Rewards have further improved the customer experience. Altogether, Subway’s recent efforts have led to a positive ROI with significant global sales and positive net restaurant growth. Additional initiatives are planned for 2024.  

“Sidekicks are a big hit with guests and the latest proof that Subway is a remarkably different brand than it was when we began our transformation journey three years ago — and we’re not slowing down. Our consistent positive sales results and the renewed enthusiasm from guests around the world are a true testament to our team’s commitment and the changes we’ve made across every part of our business,” says John Chidsey, CEO of Subway. 

Learn more about Subway’s MVP Rewards program here: https://www.subway.com/en-us/rewards  


DISH Media Adopts The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 

DISH Media will enable an identity solution — Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) — across its traditional TV and OTT services. The technology will allow for increased accuracy in targeted advertising online. Sling TV and DISH Connected™ will implement UID2, and advertisers will be able to leverage DISH Media’s first-party data.  

“Over the past decade, we have invested heavily in harnessing the power of our first-party data. Unified ID 2.0 captures that power and opens doors to heightened precision in targeting. This partnership enables advertisers to leverage our enriched datasets for more effective campaign strategies and ushers in a new era of privacy-conscious, yet impactful, advertising experiences,” explains Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media 

UID2 is offered by The Trade Desk.  

Learn more about UID2 here: https://www.thetradedesk.com/us/about-us/industry-initiatives/unified-id-solution-2-0  


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