Loyalty360 Reads: December 19: White Castle Supports Team Members with NFT Sales, Chipotle Partnership to Donate to Food Banks, and More

White Castle Raises Funds with NFTs
White Castle's NFT collection raised $25,000 for team members in need. The brand’s first foray into NFT art brought White Castle to the innovative corner of the digital world and, at the same time, raised a significant sum for team members in need of financial support. The NFT collection celebrated White Castle's 100th birthday with a series of 5,001 NFTs created by the digital media artist Che-Yu Wu.

The White Castle Team Member Relief Fund, established by CEO Bill Ingram following Superstorm Sandy in 2012, is an emergency support system designed to assist any team member who encounters an unexpected hardship. The Team Member Relief Fund is one element of White Castle's "Castle Shares" philanthropic program. 

Chipotle Partners with The Farmlink Project to Fight Hunger
Chipotle is teaming up with The Farmlink Project to help donate more than 10 million pounds of produce to food banks this winter, with a goal of reaching 20 million pounds donated. Chipotle fans can support the Farmlink Project by rounding up their bill on the Chipotle app or website, or by donating Chipotle Rewards Points.

Donating 485 points and choosing The Farmlink Project as the beneficiary equates to a $1 donation to The Farmlink Project. A $1 donation is equivalent to 30 pounds of food. Through January 31, Chipotle will match point donations to The Farmlink Project, meaning a 485-point donation is equivalent to 60 pounds of donated food.

American Airlines Adjusts Loyalty Tier Status
American Airlines is making it more expensive to qualify for frequent-flyer status in its loyalty program. This is the latest airline to tighten requirements as travel returns post-pandemic. Members of American’s AAdvantage program will need to earn and additional 10,000 loyalty points to qualify for its lowest tier of status.

Carriers made it easier for people to maintain and earn status during the pandemic in an effort to hold on to customers. The airline raised the bar for status as part of its overall adjustment to provide incremental benefits and more opportunities for rewards along the path to higher levels of elite status. Requirements to qualify for other status tiers will remain unchanged.

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