Loyalty360 Reads: Curating Gift Ideas on Etsy with AI Technology, Cisco Study Reveals GenAI Banned by 1 in 4 Organizations, and Choice Hotels Goes All-in with AWS

Etsy’s New “Gift Mode” Blends Human Curation and Machine Learning (ML) 

To raise interest in shopping at Etsy, the online marketplace known for hosting creator and maker wares, has revealed a new feature called “Gift Mode.” Touted as a service to curate gift ideas for Esty shoppers, “Gift Mode” leverages AI when making recommendations. Shoppers must first provide information about the intended gift recipient’s interests, as well as other details, such as the specific gifting occasion. The interactive hub uses both human curation and machine learning to provide gift ideas. Over 200 gift-recipient personas were developed to aid the technology in making relevant suggestions. Personas range from The Cheese Lover to The Beauty Guru to The Dog Lover and many more. 

“At the end of the day, gifting is about shopping for a person, not a thing, and Etsy is the expert in keeping commerce human. I have incredible conviction that we are tapping into a truly authentic space where Etsy can have a real impact,” says Etsy CEO Josh Silverman. 

The new initiative will be marketed during the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl LVIII in TV ads.   

Learn more about the interactive “Gift Hub” here: https://www.etsy.com/gift-mode   


Cisco 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark Study Reveals Some Orgs Banning GenAI 

Global technology leader Cisco released a new study revealing that due to growing concerns over data privacy and security issues, one in four organizations have decided to limit their use of Generative AI (GenAI). The 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark indicates that businesses also fear threats to legal and Intellectual Property rights, as well as risks associated with information being shared with competitors and the general public. 

“Organizations see GenAI as a fundamentally different technology with novel challenges to consider. More than 90% of respondents believe GenAI requires new techniques to manage data and risk. This is where thoughtful governance comes into play. Preserving customer trust depends on it,” says Dev Stahlkopf, Cisco Chief Legal Officer. 

Similar to prior Cisco studies, customers continue to express concern over how AI use impacts customer data, and organizations are challenged to provide information in a transparent and satisfactory manner.  

“94% of respondents said their customers would not buy from them if they did not adequately protect data,” added Harvey Jang, Cisco Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer.  

The study is based on responses collected from 2,600 privacy and security professionals across 12 geographies. 

Find the Cisco 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark here: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/trust-center/data-privacy-benchmark-study.html  


Choice Hotels Completes All-in Migration to Cloud 

Choice Hotels International, Inc., has closed all its data centers and transferred its complete system infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it the first hotel company to move to the cloud. The migration to AWS Cloud will allow Choice to access operations and management tools while leveraging AI and other technologies available, with the intention of increasing profitability for franchisees and creating an enhanced guest experience. 

“By moving all of our systems to the cloud, we’re ensuring that our franchisees have up-to-the-minute access to the latest innovations, saving time and money while providing industry-leading distribution and digital systems throughout the competitive hotel booking journey,” says Brian Kirkland, Chief Information Officer for Choice Hotels.   

“Choice Hotels leaned in big and early on the cloud, which helped them innovate, scale, pivot, and become a more sustainable business over the last five years,” adds Matt Garman, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing, and Global Services at AWS. 

Initial work with AWS started in 2015 and first focused on developing a cloud-based central reservation system. The closure of Choice’s last data center and full move to AWS Cloud marks the conclusion of the five-year migration process.  

Learn more about AWS Cloud Migration here: https://aws.amazon.com/cloud-migration/  


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