Loyalty360 Reads: Cinemark Expands Concessions Delivery, Accor Members Show Support for Social Causes, Kroger and Soda Health Launch Health and Nutrition Program

Cinemark Expands Home Concessions Delivery Service 

The movie theater chain Cinemark now offers home delivery of concessions from its 315 U.S. locations through DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats. Cinemark becomes the first major film exhibitor to partner with all three services across its entire domestic circuit.  

The restaurant operating system Otter, which the company implemented last March, manages ordering and delivery of popcorn, snacks, and beverages sold at the theaters. Cinemark reports an increase in storefront uptime and order volume since adopting the software.   

“Cinemark knows that customers love our concessions — whether they are enjoying them in one of our larger-than-life auditoriums or at home, and Otter has helped us deliver the best possible guest experience when it comes to cinematic snack delivery,” said David Haywood, Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage at Cinemark.  

Accor Loyalty Members Show Support for Social and Environmental Causes  

The hotel chain Accor is giving loyalty members the opportunity to support humanitarian causes worldwide. Starting this month, ALL-Accor members can donate loyalty points to social and environmental programming. The company has partnered with the non-profit Captain Cause to identify recipients and organize donations.  

The initiative will expand throughout 2024, giving members a greater choice of causes to support. Accor says 100% of donations will go to the designated organizations.  

Accor piloted the giving program earlier this year in France, where members have donated more than 3 million rewards to nine different organizations. Funded projects include providing clean drinking water in Cambodian villages, reducing plastic use, and protecting biodiversity. 

Kroger and Soda Health Launch Health and Nutrition Program   

The pharmacy division of Kroger has partnered with the technology platform Soda Health to provide customers with tools and information to improve their health and reduce health disparities. The Smart Benefits program combines access to Kroger health services with Soda Health’s personalized recommendations, reminders, and debit card.  

Soda Health’s &more debit card, funded by the customer’s insurance carrier, provides payment for covered products and services, including prescriptions, vaccines, and medical supplies.  

Enrollment in Smart Benefits is open to members of Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and participating employer health benefits programs.  

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