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Whole Foods Pick Up
The Amazon purchase of Whole Foods has been great for Prime members over the last few months. Included in the list of new incentives for customers will now be 30 minute quick pick up for Amazon Prime customers. Within the Prime app, customer can place their order, then go pick them up from a designated parking spot outside of Whole Foods. According to CNBC, “users whose orders are $35 or more can pick up their groceries in as little as an hour or in 30 minutes by paying $4.99.” Prices have continued to decrease at Whole Foods since being bought by Amazon and the new pick up option represents another added incentive for Prime members.

Beards Make Comeback
As taboos around beards continue to fade away, men are not shaving as much, which means bad news for razor brands. P&G, the parent brand of Gillette, believes it is no longer seen as disrespectful or lazy to let facial hair grow for a few days. In turn, sales have dropped in concordance with the new societal trend. Men under 45 appear to be at the heart of the new laid back approach. Razor sales have dipped each year the last three years, as this year marks a 5.1% downtown in the market. In fact, the average number of times men shave a week has fallen from 3.7 to 3.2 over the past decade, totaling about two fewer shaves a month. This doesn’t seem like much but add those numbers up over the course of a month, then a year -- adds up right?

Uber Eats Changes Fee Structure 
Flat fees are going away at Uber Eats. Previously at a flat $4.99, the brand will now be switching to a varying fee based on distance from restaurant to home. The price will range from $2 to $8 and customers can decide how much they are willing to pay with the sliding “Max Booking Fee,” meter. The move comes as a response to the typically higher fees Uber Eats had when compared to other apps such as Seamless or GrubHub. There still will be surge pricing associated with Uber Eats, which may drive up prices at times, but the majority of the time the new fee structure will be what the app runs off of. Uber Eats reports that half of the orders placed in its test markets over the last few months have been less than $4.99.

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