FedEx to End Ground Deliveries for Amazon
FedEx has indicated that it will be ending its contract with the e-commerce giant. The deliverer is, essentially, “gambling it is better off filling its trucks with other customers’ goods.”
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Disney to Bundle Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ at Netflix Price
Disney has announced that it will bundle several streaming services at a monthly price of $13. The brand made this offering because “video streaming competition will intensify soon, with Apple Inc, AT&T, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, and, Comcast Corp’s NBCUniversal planning to roll out new services. Customers are dropping cable TV but now must decide how much they want to pay for digital offerings.”
Arizona Iced Tea Maker Turns to Weed
As sales for the Arizona Beverage Co.’s core product decline, the company “has reached a licensing deal with Dixie Brands Inc., a Denver-based cannabis company that makes and sells weed vaporizers, candies, drinks, tinctures, and topical creams in five US states. Under the agreement, Dixie will manufacture the products and sell them through licensed dispensaries.”
Twitter May Have Shared Data with Ad Partners without User Consent
The social platform admits that some user data may have been shared with advertisers, regardless of users’ privacy settings. “Twitter users who clicked or viewed an ad for a mobile app since May 2018 may’ve shared data about the experience with third-party measurement and advertising partners, Twitter said. Data that would’ve been shared includes users’ country code, information about the ad, and whether they engaged with the ad and when.”
Nike Acquires Celect, Adds to Data Science Team
With a new acquisition, the apparel brand has expanded its data science capabilities. “The purchase of Celect follows last year’s acquisition of Zodiac, a consumer data analytics company. Nike’s Consumer Direct Offense strategy aims to develop products faster with personalization at scale. Nike also has to focus on selling direct and owning the customer relationship given the economic challenges in the retail industry.”

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