Loyalty360 Reads: August 22nd, 2018

The latest news in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.

Facebook Pulls Accounts for Lack of Trustworthiness
In an attempt to identify malicious accounts on the website, Facebook has started its own ratings system. The reputation score lists users from zero to one. The reputation assessments are Facebook’s attempt to fight off fake news within its own app. Facebook has always given its users the option to report certain content as malicious. Unfortunately, what Facebook has found is users reporting content as malicious that simply is of a differing opinion, as opposed to actually being malicious. The move will hopefully bring more clarity and truth to the website.

Animals are now Cage-Free
If you hadn’t noticed the packaging associated with Nabisco’s Animals Crackers over the years and simply enjoyed eating them, we don’t blame you, and we promise you’re not a bad person. However, one group, PETA, has noticed the packaging and has forced a change to happen. In the past, the animal cracker box had animals in cages, which is a major issue with the animal protection group. Mondelez, the parent company of Nabisco, has changed the packaging of the animal crackers to be cage-free. Fortunately for all of the many millions of concerned Americans, we can go back to eating the crackers now that they’ve made the logo cage-free.

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