Albertson’s Tests Self-Checkout Only Store
Albertson’s opened its first store with no traditional checkout lanes. The self-checkout-only model recently opened in Boise, Idaho. The store is transitioning its traditional lanes to assisted checkout lanes as part of a pilot program. The program guides customers to self-checkouts by their basket size. There is a much larger area to bag groceries than the traditional self-checkouts.

Courtesy clerks will remain in place to help bag groceries and carry them out to customers’ cars. ‘Check as you go’ carts from vendor Veeve will allow customers to add items as they shop, and AI features and cameras will allow shoppers to skip checking out altogether by providing a credit card on the cart itself.

Paytronix Publishes Mid-Year Gift Card Report
Paytronix has published a mid-year update to its annual Gift Card Report, offering a snapshot of restaurant sales growth and continued recovery for the first half of the year. The report reveals restaurant sales growth that showed up at the end of 2021 has continued through the first half of 2022.

These numbers signal a strong start to 2022, with consumers appearing to feel optimistic about going out in person. Fine-dining gift card redemption rates hit an all-time high, which, according to Paytronix, demonstrates an enduring, rather than a seasonal, trend.

D4t4 Solutions Launches No-Party Data Technology
D4t4 Solutions launched Celebrus CX Vault, the world’s first patent-pending no-party data technology. Through this technology, customers can have their privacy and get the customer experience they expect. Celebrus defines no-party data as no tracking, no sharing, and no cookies of any kind, but recognizes the context of a browsing session and deliver a relevant message based on that context.

Celebrus CX Vault respects a user’s privacy and is compliant with all privacy regulations. The user stays anonymous throughout an entire session and no information is ever shared, saved, stored or sent to a server. Celebrus CX Vault works simultaneously with a brand’s website to recognize session-specific contextual patterns and sequences to allow businesses to deliver relevant messages to visitors.

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