Loyalty360 Reads: April 24, 2019

Kohl’s to Accept Amazon Returns
In order to increase foot-traffic, Kohl’s locations will begin accepting returned Amazon purchases at no charge. “We are thrilled to bring Amazon Returns at Kohl’s to all of our stores across the country,” says Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass. “Amazon and Kohl’s have a shared passion in providing outstanding customer service, and this unique partnership combines Kohl’s strong nationwide store footprint and omnichannel capabilities with Amazon’s reach and customer loyalty. This new service is another example of how Kohl’s is delivering innovation to drive traffic to our stores and bring more relevance to our customers.”
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Google Spinoff’s Drone Delivery Business First to Get FAA Approval
Wing Aviation, a subsidiary of Google, has become the first drone delivery business approved by the FAA. “Drone regulations still don’t permit most flights over crowds and urban areas, limiting where Wing can operate. But the approvals signed by the FAA on Friday and Monday give the company the ability to charge for deliveries of clients’ goods in Virginia and apply for permission to expand to other regions.”
Coca-Cola to Enter the Coffee Business
The beverage manufacturer will introduce Coke Coffee to 25 markets by the end of 2019, in an effort to appeal to today’s consumers who drink fewer sugar beverages than the consumers of previous decades. “So far, Coke’s coffee business has largely been focused in Japan, where canned coffee has been popular in vending machines for decades. The Atlanta-based company’s Georgia Coffee brand has surpassed $1 billion in sales and expanded to other Asian countries.”
Making the Most of Instagram Stories
Kay Hsu, Global Director for Instagram Creative Shop, elaborates on Instagram’s “stories” feature, explaining how to make it connect with viewers. Hsu offers many examples of brands making the most of the platform: “HelloFresh, for example, starts off its Stories ad with its logo on one of its signature delivery boxes, so people know immediately what the ad is about. Users tap to open the box and then tap to enjoy the ingredients put together into a tasty meal. It all happens in just a few seconds, ending with a call-to-action for the viewer to swipe up on the offer.”
Richard Branson’s Eight Rules for Success
The multi-billionaire behind Virgin shares some guidelines for success in business and enjoyment of life. One highlight: “If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong. In everything you do, you should find ways to enjoy and appreciate your life, says Branson. In other words, instead of working to live, you should live to work—because work is fun and enjoyable.”

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