EU Bans Post-80s Tech
In a somewhat surprising move, the EU has banned all technology developed after the Commodore 64, an 8-bit home computer introduced in 1982. “The official reason, as per reports today (April 1) out of Brussels? According to an unnamed source inside the European Commission, ‘consumer privacy is too precious a treasure to sacrifice on the altar of Big Tech. Who cares if there is a little more friction now.’ 8-bit was cooler than Siri or whatever, anyway.
Cheesecake Factory Gives Away a Quarter-Million Freebies on April 1.
This is actually not a joke. The Cheesecake Factory is partnering with DoorDash to give away $250,000 worth of free food on Monday, April 1. The first 10,000 DoorDash customers who register for the promotion online will receive $25 to use on a Cheesecake Factory order. This is a neat partnership, and though it comes with a steep price-tag, it should see consumers heavily engaging with each brand.
Customer Experience
Mercedes-Benz Stadium Goes Cashless
“Starting this Sunday, March 10, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium will stop accepting cash for all sporting events and nearly all additional events at the venue.” That’s big news coming from a stadium that has defied convention by lowering prices for concessions and merchandise. Notably, the city of Philadelphia recently banned cashless stores, citing a lack of accessibility for low-income residents. Still, the cashless trend seems to be growing, so brands should be watching to see how consumers respond to the cashless experience.
Lululemon’s Growth
The athletic apparel company saw shares jump 15 percent in value the day after it reported its fourth-quarter earnings. Key factors to the brand’s success include growing e-commerce, international expansions, and growth in the men’s business. Notably, Lululemon employs a premium loyalty program; members pay regular fees. This success shows that premium fees work in verticals where they were once unheard of.
Papa John’s New Global Chief Marketing Officer
Having quite recently enlisted the celebrity of Shaquille O’Neal, Papa John’s has announced the appointment of a new CMO,  Karlin Linhardt. Linhardt is a veteran of the industry, having spent a decade at McDonald’s. Bo Knapp, chairman of the Papa John’s Franchise Advisory Council Marketing Committee, says, “Karlin appreciates the important role franchisees play in the organization and understands the needs of the franchise system.”

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