JetBlue’s European Expansion Will Strengthen Loyalty Program
The airline has added international service, which will increase the value of its loyalty points. “Expanded availability into Europe means that TrueBlue members can now earn points for flying across the Atlantic. It’ll now be possible to use that currency to book international flights without leaning on the airline’s partners. Overnight, TrueBlue points will become more powerful.”
Customer Experience
Facebook to End P2P Payments in the United Kingdom and France
The social giant seems to be curtailing its efforts to offer worldwide P2P payment services. A spokesperson said, “After evaluating how we give people the best experiences in Messenger, we made the decision to focus our efforts on experiences that people find most useful. Users have been notified in preparation for this change.”
Airbnb Invests in Disruptive Hospitality Startup
Airbnb is the lead investor in hospitality startup Lyric, which will enable landlords to rent out apartments on a short-term basis. “Lyric’s model is similar to the one WeWork popularized for shared offices. Lyric leases a full floor of an apartment building from the landlord, fills each unit with Instagram-friendly furnishings, and then rents them out like hotel rooms. The company makes money off the spread between what it pays in rent and what it charges travelers.”
Panera Makes New Moves in the Breakfast Wars
In order to attract more morning consumers, Panera has launched new breakfast items and has redesigned its customer experience to focus more on convenience. “The company has already rolled out a function on its app that lets customers reorder past orders. Breakfast, more than other meal, tends to habit-driven, and customers short of time will be able to place their orders more quickly.”
Kroger Launches Autonomous Deliveries in Houston
Robo-delivery continues to grow! Grocery retailer Kroger, in partnership with robotics firm Nuro, has launched autonomous delivery service in the Houston Market. “The scheme will initially operate out of a store in South Post Oak, with Kroger’s Buffalo Speedway store offering the service soon after. Kroger will start off by using a fleet of manual and self-driving Toyota Prius cars, with the next generation of Nuro’s driverless vehicle introduced later on in the year.”

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