Loyalty Reads: Taco Bell Partners with Crocs, Nike Rebuilds Wholesale Partnerships, and More

Taco Bell Partners with Crocs 

Taco Bell announced a partnership with casual footwear brand Crocs on the first-ever Mellow Slide limited edition collection. The shoes will feature Taco Bell’s logo alongside the brand’s slogan “Live” and “Mas” imprinted separately on each shoe. 

The shoe will retail for $60 starting June 28, 2023 on the Crocs website. However, members of the Taco Bell Rewards program who have reached FIRE! Tier status will receive early access to purchase the shoes. 


Nike Rebuilds Wholesale Partnerships 

After ending many retailer relationships to focus on direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, Nike is rebuilding its wholesale partnerships. Nike saw a decrease in sales and revenue following the D2C move and is now returning to an in-store presence. 

Recently, Designer Shoe Warehouse and Macy’s announced they will carry Nike products again in October 2023, after Nike cut ties with the brands in 2021. Nike is currently rebuilding its relationship with Footlocker after an announcement in March 2023. 


Five Below Leans into Digital Connection with Younger Audiences 

U.S. retailer Five Below is using digital communication and advertising to connect with younger audiences. While many retailers face difficult sales or bankruptcy, Five Below is experiencing growing sales due to its effective marketing. 

With a younger audience — focused on kids and families — Five Below understands how its audience engages with brands: social media, email, and text. By leveraging technology, the brand has seen sales double since 2018. 


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