Loyalty Reads: Sweetgreen Launches New Sweetpass Loyalty Program, Walmart Hosts Walmart+ Giveaway for Mother’s Day, and More

Sweetgreen Launches New Sweetpass Loyalty Program 

Sweetgreen launched its new Sweetpass loyalty program, the restaurant chain’s first program in two years. The two-tiered model helps personalize the customer experience and rewards members with free sweetgreen and more. 

The new loyalty program will offer: 

  • Sweetpass — the free tier that provides members with personalized “challenges” as well as access to new menu items and limited-edition merch drops that will be exclusively available to Sweetpass members 

  • Sweetpass+ — a $10/month subscription providing members with $3 off daily sweetgreen orders, priority sweetgreen support, delivery perks, premier access to merch drops, and exclusive sweetgreen experiences 


Walmart Hosts Walmart+ Giveaway for Mother’s Day 

Walmart announced a giveaway to provide 20,000 Walmart+ memberships to new moms for Mother’s Day. The retail chain will provide one-year memberships to help new moms save time, money, and more in their daily lives. 

Walmart will partner with the Pampers Hospital Gift Program, which provides gift bags for in-hospital patients who recently delivered a baby. In May 2023, each reusable bag will include coupons, Pampers Sensitive Wipes, informative newborn literature, and the one-year Walmart+ membership while supplies last. 


ŌURA Partners with Best Buy 

ŌURA announced its first U.S.-based, large-scale retail partnership with Best Buy. ŌURA grew as an e-commerce platform and produces smart ring technology to provide health data, insights, and daily guidance for its customers. 

Building its omnichannel offerings, ŌURA will provide customers with in-store sizing, quick pick up, education, and dedicated store experience. The brand will sell two of its models — Heritage and Horizon — in-store and online at BestBuy.com. 


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