Loyalty Reads: Meta Pilots Verification Subscription, JINYA Ramen Bar Launches Points-Free Loyalty Program, and More

Meta Pilots Verification Subscription
Meta Platforms is launching a paid subscription allowing users to verify their accounts using government identification. Meta will pilot the program in Australia and New Zealand at $11.99 a month.

Subscription members receive direct access to customer support in addition to the verified status. The goal of Meta Verified is to increase security and authenticity across the company’s platforms. It will also help creators grow their presence and community faster.
JINYA Ramen Bar Launches Points-Free Loyalty Program
JINYA Ramen Bar launched its debut loyalty program to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The JINYA Rewards program will not use points, instead sending promotions directly to members when they order via OLO, sign into the guest Wi-Fi, or join the restaurant waitlist.

New members will receive a free small plate with a ramen purchase when they sign up, on the member’s birthday, and on their membership anniversary. JINYA fans can sign up on the company’s website.
Amdocs Reveals Gap in Digital Engagement
Amdocs released a study on consumer digital engagement, revealing a gap between digital engagement demand versus actual implementation. The “Refocus” study found that only 13% of customer interactions are purely digital, using self-service tools like chatbots, apps, and websites.

Amdocs’ study surveyed 10,000 consumers across nine countries, asking about seven different kinds of customer engagement including technical/setup support, purchasing, and changing subscriptions or plans. The result shows a disconnect between current efforts to increase digitalization across brands and digital customer interactions.
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