Loyalty Reads: McDonald’s Launches Celebrity Duo Meal for Valentine’s Day, Coca-Cola Partners with Rosalía for Multimedia Experience, and More

McDonald’s Launches Celebrity Duo Meal for Valentine’s Day
McDonald's will release its first celebrity duo meal this Valentine's Day, featuring a pairing created by rap artists Cardi B and Offset. The married couple partnered with McDonald’s to help customers enjoy the same meals they love.
The meal pairs Cardi B’s McDonald’s Cheeseburger, BBQ sauce, and large Coca-Cola® with Offset’s Quarter Pounder® with Cheese and Large Hi-C® Orange Lavaburst® and a large World Famous Fries® and apple pie. The meal comes with seasonal packaging featuring a throwback Valentine’s Day card.
Coca-Cola® Partners with Rosalía for Multimedia Experience
Coca-Cola® will release Coca-Cola® Move in collaboration with Grammy-award winning artist Rosalía. The new flavor will feature a sketched logo by the artist and pink and black packaging to represent the artists’ personality.
Alongside the drink, Rosalía released a new single inspired by Coca-Cola® Move. Finally, every can has a QR code to take consumers to the Coca-Cola® Creations Hub, a metaverse experience with a variety of cinematic and interactive content.
Gorton’s Seafood Launches Product on TikTok
Gorton's will launch their latest Air Fried product on Tiktok, moving to connect with younger audiences with the social media campaign. Ahead of the product launch, Gorton’s ran a strategic program to grow its TikTok following.
Gorton’s partnered with content creators to promote the Air Fried product, producing video content over the next month. Additionally, the brand will launch an augmented reality filter and TV ad spots to promote the launch.
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