Loyalty Reads: Denny’s Uses AR to Launch New Menu, Stella Artois Shifts Brand to Casual Dining, and More

Denny’s Uses AR to Launch New Menu 

Denny’s debuted an overhauled menu with its new “It’s Diner Time” campaign. The menu includes an augmented reality function, allowing guests to take a virtual tour of the menu, access exclusive deals, and see new menu items. 

Beyond the new menu, the “It’s Diner Time” initiative includes improved kitchen equipment, new food offerings, increased efficiency, and decreased food waste. Denny’s invested over $25 million on the improvements to the brand. 


Stella Artois Shifts Brand to Casual Dining 

Stella Artois announced a new creative direction, focusing on casual dining. The brand, previously known for restaurant dining, is shifting to the casual dining market as customer data shows casual spaces growing in popularity. 

The shift builds on the brands’ “Make Time For The Life Artois” campaign, modernizing it to reach changing customer preferences. Stella Artois plans to use social media influencers and digital partnerships to market the shift and secure its space in the causal space.  


Footlocker Announces Renewed Partnership with Nike 

Footlocker announced a renewed and revitalized relationship with Nike. The partnership comes after Nike initially cut wholesale partnerships but ended with a surplus of inventory. 

Alongside the renewed partnership, Footlocker will redesign its stores in a new format based on join-planning with Nike. The new format locations are designed to bring in new customers and connect with Nike fans through a focus on sneaker culture. 


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