It’s tough to achieve “firsts” in a company that was founded in 1937. Bakery product producer Pepperidge Farm has done just that, however, with the launch of its first digital loyalty program. The program will be offered until June and is designed to give loyal Pepperidge Farm shoppers the opportunity to earn health, wellness, and beauty experiences.
Built in collaboration with promotional agency TLC Marketing, the program was developed with simplicity in mind: After purchasing three loaves of Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse or Whole Grain sandwich bread, customers will earn rewards including fitness classes, personal training sessions, yoga courses, and hair styling appointments.
The rewards mix was chosen to promote moments of relaxation and wellness amid a busy lifestyle.
With the new program, Pepperidge Farm is looking to engage with customers on a closer basis than ever before. By offering a loyalty program, the brand is able to leverage customer data going forward, ensuring a boost to targeted customer experience practices.
“Pepperidge Farm has built a longstanding relationship with our consumer based on delicious products that make moments matter,” Hector Briones-Sanchez, Business Director of Fresh and Frozen Bakery at Pepperidge Farm, told Loyalty360. “As we continue to evolve in today’s digital world, it’s doubly rewarding to be able to deepen our relationship with the consumer through custom, personal incentives with the click of a button. Our team does a lot of listening to consumer feedback; this program is a new and exciting way to connect through our products.”
Following a growing trend, the loyalty program is offering experiential rewards rather than physical prizes, likely playing to the preference of younger consumers. More and more, loyalty programs are offering things like concert tickets and complimentary travel in lieu of more tangible physical items.
“We provide brands with a new and innovative way to engage with the consumer by rewarding them with high value experiential rewards that replace traditional discount and coupon incentives,” said Chris Jurist, Business Development Director at TLC Marketing New York. “This program is specifically tailored to the Pepperidge Farm consumer and designed to bring the brand and consumers closer.”

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