Longaberger Launches LIVE Selling Platform Growing Brand in Social Commerce Vertical

Longaberger, a social commerce retailer and American home goods brand known for artisanal handcrafted products, announced the launch of Longaberger LIVE, a new live streaming platform where viewers will have access to exclusive timeless and modern home décor and better lifestyle products while interacting with highly acclaimed hosts to educate and shop.

A trailblazer in social commerce, Longaberger is making strategic strides in the vertical of social selling, and specifically through live selling, with the new digital streaming platform. Longaberger LIVE aims to enhance customers' experience by integrating live video shopping and utilizing live selling through a number of widely known hosts and mega-influencers. With a prediction of robust brand growth, The Longaberger Company continues to stay at the forefront of e-commerce and social trends while educating thousands of social influencer stylists with the tools and best practices to understand live selling.

The first-ever Longaberger LIVE event will kick off with Rachel Longaberger on February 8, 2021 directly online through Longaberger.com and will continue on a recurring monthly basis. Viewers will have access to one-night-only offers as well as a chance to win a $500.00 Longaberger Gift Card during the 30-minute premiere event starting at 8:00 PM EST. The e-commerce event series has partnered with Bambuser, the world renowned interactive live video shopping provider, to use proprietary live streaming technology throughout the show. Longaberger LIVE will roll out to the company's thousands of Home and Life Stylists Influencers for their use in the coming months.

"By honing in on our digital-first approach, we expect that these live stream shows will improve monthly sales by 25 to 33 percent," said Robert W. D'Loren, Xcel's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "The shows are incorporating proven calls-to-action, pricing strategies, and show production techniques we have utilized in selling over $3BB in retail sales over TV screens."

To join the first Longaberger LIVE visit longaberger.com and to join the Longaberger Family as a Home and Life Stylist Influencer, visit longaberger.com/join. For more company information, visit the website at longaberger.com or on social media at @thelongabergerfamily, #longaberger and #thelongabergerfamily.

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