Listening Triggers Customer Experience for Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Orange Leaf customer experienceOfficials at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt pride themselves on truly listening to their customers so that they can deliver a memorable customer experience.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt has demonstrated such an exceptional performance in the area of Customer Experience that it was named a finalist for the 2015 Loyalty360 Awards in the Customer Experience & Engagement category.

The 8th annual Loyalty Expo presented by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketers’ Association will be held April 27-29, 2015, at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

Karley Hofer, Director of Brand Development for Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, participated in an intriguing Q&A with Loyalty360 to talk about her company’s ongoing efforts in the area of Customer Experience.

Can you talk about Orange Leaf Yogurt’s Customer Experience approach, as far as what is involved and why you think it resonates so well with your customers?

Orange Leaf's Customer Experience approach is to connect with and listen to customers through as many channels as possible. Primarily, Orange Leaf focuses on engaging with its customers through email and social media. Whether interacting with customers via email about new flavors, a Facebook giveaway, or tweeting a picture of a mountain of toppings, Orange Leaf constantly starts conversations with customers and connects with them as individuals on a daily basis.

Recently, Orange Leaf rolled out an e-learning platform called Orange Leaf Academy, a continuing education platform for Orange Leaf employees to utilize nationwide, which focuses on providing the best customer experience.

Along with this platform, Orange Leaf also engages with its customers via its loyalty program, the Ounce Back program. Customers who participate in this program receive benefits, such as reward points and access to special promotions, encouraging return visits. Additionally, Orange Leaf was first to market with our My Orange Leaf App, which not only allows Ounce Back participants to check point balances, but also provides all customers with the ability to check current flavors, vote for new flavors and check nutritional information.

Lastly, Orange Leaf utilizes a company-wide feedback program to gather insightful information about its customers. Using the GoRecommend social advocacy tool, Orange Leaf provides customers the ability to easily share their experiences with their own social networks. Using the InMoment Experience Hub, Orange Leaf then gathers the guest stories and applies text analytics, enabling Orange Leaf to better understand their guests’ wants and needs. Text analytics are also applied to online surveys taken by customers to help uncover what is most important to their customers. These stories and results are shared across the organization through real-time alerts, reports and dashboards, empowering employees to turn this information into actions that improve the guest experience.

Orange Leaf connects with its customers in a fun, casual, and welcoming way. Through Orange Leaf's loyalty program, social media platforms, and email campaigns, customers feel taken care of and that their business is appreciated. Orange Leaf’s feedback program, loyalty program, education platform, and social campaigns take this one step further, making customers feel valued as individuals and engrained in Orange Leaf’s culture.

What are your CX goals and how have the results matched or exceeded your expectations?

The goal at Orange Leaf is to provide a superior customer experience through providing a fun and friendly environment, along with a superior, higher quality frozen yogurt. By measuring and listening through all platforms, Orange Leaf is always able to grow and improve to provide a world class customer experience. With launching and utilizing InMoment in 2014, Orange Leaf has been able to have a more measurable benchmark for how we they are performing as a brand and on a local store level. With InMoment, Orange Leaf has matched and exceeded some initial goals and expectations to provide a superior experience. A surprising number of customers have been using InMoment’s GoRecommend social advocacy feature to recommend Orange Leaf to their family and friends.

How do you define CX at Orange Leaf Yogurt and how does Customer Feedback impact that theme?

Orange Leaf defines the customer experience as one of the most important factors of the brand, and prides itself in providing a superior, higher quality yogurt in a fun and friendly environment to provide the best experience possible. With social media being Orange Leaf’s main channel for advertising, Orange Leaf is always gathering, listening and interacting to feedback from customers. From gathering that feedback through social media, InMoment, the Ounce Back loyalty program, via email, and our app, Orange Leaf works hand-in-hand with its franchisees to help them improve, and to also celebrate their success. Customer feedback directly impacts customer experience. If a customer is not happy, it completely ruins his or her experience and he or she tells multiple people and those types of customers are likely to never return again. Orange Leaf wants to be the place that makes their customers’ lives better when they come in the door.

With an abundance of technology solutions available in the marketplace, how do you know which ones best fit your customers and their expectations?

Orange Leaf does not limit itself when it comes to advancing with technology and choosing a platform. The engagement strategy for Orange Leaf is to connect with and listen to its customers through as many channels as possible. With a new mobile wallet integrated app soon to be launched nationwide, that will be another feature to fit customer expectations. Orange Leaf looks to expand on all channels to best fit expectations and preferences.  

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