Leveraging Technology the Key to Customer Loyalty at Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Tech HealthcareFor Sandi Peterson, Group Worldwide Chairman at Johnson & Johnson, leveraging the latest trends in technology is the key to attracting and maintaining customer loyalty.

Johnson & Johnson has capitalized on the way technology is reshaping the entire healthcare landscape, Peterson said during the company’s July 14 second-quarter earnings conference call.

“The consumerization of healthcare, wearables and mobile apps is giving patients unprecedented access to health information,” Peterson explained, according to Seeking Alpha. “Physicians, regulators, and payers are leveraging big data, analytics, and real world evidence to personalized care, understand product safety and efficacy and drive improved outcome. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced centers are creating new opportunities to take advantage of the best clinical and wellness expertise. We are at the tipping point where technology is becoming the medium through which healthcare can become a more effective and efficient system. The opportunities this creates for Johnson & Johnson to become a healthcare technology innovator are immense.”

Peterson said Johnson & Johnson has identified key technology areas that will accelerate growth.

“The relationships with Google and with IBM and Apple that Alex mentioned are great examples,” Peterson said. “There are others in the works and more to come. We are working with and talking to nearly every major technology company and many early stage companies. We are collaborating with retailers like Walgreens and CVS, where care is increasingly delivered, health plansJohnson & Johnson Tech Healthcare CALLOUT like Aetna and Kaiser Permanente, and health systems such as Jefferson Health and Premier to leverage technology digital tools and our health and wellness expertise. We find that Johnson & Johnson is most often the partner of choice for technology providers. We have the patient and consumer insights, the clinical and behavior modification expertise, and the regulatory experience that can combine with technology to transform the continuum of care. This is particularly exciting when you think about the work that we are doing with payers and providers as in our work with IBM and Apple. We are creating an ecosystem embedded in hospital networks, which gives us the ability to integrate the right patient data with the right record and the right clinical outcome in the healthcare IT infrastructure.”

Technology is intrinsic to the business, Peterson noted.

“As the world’s most broadly based healthcare company, we are uniquely positioned to be the company that connects the fragmented world of healthcare,” Peterson said. “Our consumer facing businesses are executing well against focused strategies. They are demonstrating results, improving profitability, and growing. They have strong presence in the world’s fastest growing markets and are building insight-led innovation pipelines. Across J&J, we are using technology to unlock the power of the enterprise, to improve patient and financial outcomes in ways that will create value for our customers.”

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