Lettuce entertain you loyaltyLettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE), which owns, licenses, or manages more than 90 restaurants in Illinois, California, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington, D.C., wants to transform its 25-year-old Frequent Diner Club loyalty program and transition from a card-based offering to a mobile loyalty program.

To achieve that goal, LEYE has partnered with Paytronix Systems. LEYE has transitioned its Frequent Diner Club loyalty program to the Paytronix Rewards platform. LEYE opted to switch from its long-term loyalty provider because Paytronix offers deep restaurant loyalty domain knowledge and mobile and data analytics capabilities, which are essential for transitioning from a card-based to a mobile loyalty program.

Jennifer Bell, Executive Director of Loyalty, Marketing & Public Relations at Lettuce Entertain You, told Loyalty360 that LEYE partnered with Paytronix because of the latter’s willingness to integrate with LEYE’s existing systems and partners.

“Our ultimate goal is to make the loyalty program, for both our guests and our staff, more integrated and seamless,” Bell explained. “I think we wanted a partner that would be willing to keep innovating and would stay on the forefront of technology-based loyalty programs. Our goal is to go back to the basics of what makes a guest loyal, to offer the same hospitality they receive at our restaurants in a loyalty program. We want accomplish this by utilizing technology so it is both high tech and high touch. We have already begun working on phase two of our mobile app.” 

For LEYE, customer loyalty is defined as a guest that has confidence in the brand.

“This is derived from the fact that they know that we will do whatever it takes to give them the best possible dining experience in our restaurants,” Bell said. “If our guests select our restaurants, there is a level of assurance that they will receive good service, quality food, in an inviting atmosphere. We have built a reputation on our customer service and our ability to address any issues during your dining experience. In addition, we give them a gift for being loyal in the form of points and reward dollars. They have the confidence and the perceived value needed to make them a loyal guest. One of the advantages of our program is that we are also giving them 51 unique brands to choose from. The ability to offer a range of experiences and price points is what differentiates our program from other restaurant loyalty programs.”

With 18% of all spend coming from its Frequent Diner Club, LEYE considers loyalty to be strategically important to the success of its business. Its Frequent Diner Club is a three-tiered program that offers both bankable points and automatic rewards. At year’s end, each member is evaluated and either moved up or down a level based on dollars spent.

While the move to the Paytronix Rewards platform will be seamless to its guests, LEYE expects to benefit from the move by having a partner that offers:

A Steadfast Focus on Loyalty: With its dedication to restaurant loyalty programs, Paytronix will keep LEYE abreast of both industry trends and technology updates.

API-Accessible Mobile Capabilities: LEYE will enable its guests to view account balance information, earn and redeem rewards by integrating its new apps to the Paytronix software through its developer-friendly API.

Business-Minded Data Analytics: Capturing data from its multi-branded POS landscape with integrated software for easy guest enrollment and engagement, Paytronix enables LEYE to drill down to the guest-level, identify its most valuable customers, and reward and engage with them in a relevant way. 

Michelle Tempesta, Director of Marketing for Paytronix, told Loyalty360 that LEYE was particularly interested in the Paytronix mobile API and LEYE’s ability to develop a custom app with it for its loyal customers.

“In general, Paytronix offers all the tools they need to maximize the impact its loyalty program has on its business by making it easy for guests to enroll, enabling several messaging options, and delivering promotions that boost guest visiting patterns,” Tempesta explained. “Paytronix offers several advantages for marketers from responsive guest-facing web pages, to a variety of customizable application solutions. From a white-label solution to an API to the loyalty system, marketers can invest as much or as little as they wish in mobile applications while still delivering an excellent guest experience.” 

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