ProKarma, a global IT solutions company, today announced a definitive merger agreement with Lenati, the Seattle-based customer experience strategy consultancy. Managing partner, Kris Klein, sat down with Loyalty360 to discuss the merger.
Can you tell us a little more about what spurred the merger?
Lenati and ProKarma together recognized the growth imperative in today’s market and realized that this merger is an accelerated pathway to success. At Lenati we are looking to continue our expansion of end-to-end capabilities, fully delivering on our promise of building unique transformative customer experiences. ProKarma is looking to build on their digital expertise, with an emphasis on integrated strategies. These aspirations led to a perfect blend of growth initiatives and synergies across industries, functions, and geographies. Both Lenati and ProKarma are founder led, with cultures that focus on employee and client success, which makes us an exceptional match.
That makes multiple years of growth now for Lenati. What has contributed to your success?
What defines and differentiates Lenati is our amazing team. Our employees are unrivalled and truly deliver on our promises to our clients. This in turn creates Lenati advocates out of our clients as a result. Our thought leadership in areas of customer strategy, integrated loyalty design and digital experiences truly lead the way and represent some of the foremost research and development in marketing strategy. 
In layman’s terms, what is the value that the merger brings to clients/customers?
Lenati and ProKarma really complement each other and expand on services we have been working to develop. We will be able to offer our clients transformative experiences, human-centered design, analytical rigor, and deep technology expertise resulting in highly integrated digital experiences.
Jen Winter discussed the partnership guiding clients “as they navigate the digital landscape.” How has the digital landscape changed in the last five years? What do you see changing in the next five to 10 years?
Managing Partner Jen Winter noted in our press release that this merger will allow us to support our clients as they navigate the new digital landscape, which is key to both ProKarma and Lenati’s growth. The digital landscape has vastly expanded in the last five years, making it more and more difficult for our clients to navigate and create strategy. With advanced technology like AI, Blockchain, Augmented-Reality and Virtual Reality coming forward, it becomes hard to discern where expansions should be made and how. This merger will allow us to better support our clients in navigating this landscape, especially as it continues to grow over the next five and 10 years.

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