Latin America Customer ExperienceDifferent people, in different places, expect to be treated differently. This is a cornerstone philosophy of personalized customer engagement, and one that the hotel industry holds in high regard. An incredible amount of variability can exist between most travelers. And since competition in this industry is also tough, many of the most successful hotels around the world are designing programs that transcend a generic customer experience.

This is especially true in Latin America and Asia Pacific where Hotels are increasingly taking into account the wide range of particular habits, wants, needs, and expectations of customers to build customer engagement programs according to particular regional cultures and specific individual needs.

This was the conclusion reached by a new study sponsored by Best Western and conducted by the GBTA Foundation, the education and research division of the Global Travel Association (GBTA). The study, titled 2015 Global Hotel Program Study: Asia Pacific and Latin America, found that there were no universal standard hotel customer engagement programs in theseLatin America Customer Experience areas.

"The research underscores the importance of understanding how and why global hotel programs vary in structure globally," said Joseph Bates, GBTA Foundation VP of Research. "Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to their global programs, high-spend companies see value in a team-oriented program where recommendations are sought from local and regional travel managers."

Conducted as part of a follow-up report to GBTA’s 2014 survey, which looked at North American and European hotel programs, the study solicited online responses from 145 Travel Managers across Asia Pacific and Latin America to paint a detailed portrait of hotel programs worldwide.

Further breaking down the specifics regarding how many hotels in these regions created more unique and personalized customer experiences, the 2015 Asia Pacific and Latin America study also found that Travel Managers here made key decisions regarding the selection of preferred hotels and while setting preferred hotel rates. These regional rates were then recommended to global teams.

"Partnering with GBTA on this type of research provides our business with insight into the nuances of managed travel programs in various regions around the world and the differing needs of travel managers in those regions, enabling Best Western to better meet our client's needs," said Dorothy Dowling, Senior VP of Marketing and Sales."

A complete report of the study’s results will be available to all GBTA members for free.

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