Pop quiz: What do Marc Jacobs, Kanye West, and Lands’ End all have in common? Besides a razor sharp fashion sense, these brands have all jumped aboard the bandwagon of pop-up shops, the latest trend in customer engagement and interactivity.
These short-term stores are so named because they “pop-up” seemingly out of nowhere in previously vacant locations, and are gone just as suddenly after a short period of time, sometimes only a day or two.
The idea of a pop-up shop runs contrary to many concepts that seem fundamental to brand loyalty. After all, how can you forge relationships if your store is announced a day before opening, only lasts for a weekend, and then is gone in a cloud of dust? The answer, of course, lies in the engagement found in the exclusivity of a pop-up experience. Often accompanied by a unique quirk, these stores wholeheartedly embrace the value placed in experiences by younger Millennial and Gen-Z shoppers.
In the case of the Marc Jacobs store in 2014, for example, customers paid not with cash and credit, but with shares and tweets. Likewise, Kanye West’s 21 simultaneous weekend stores last month had a strict “you touch it, you buy it” policy.
Lands’ End latest pop-up offering may take a more traditional approach to the shopping experience, but shoppers will nonetheless enjoy a unique look from the retailer.

"The Lands’ End SoHo Pop-up Shop is a strategic way to increase brand awareness without having to execute a big-scale retail rollout, not to mention the store presents a great exercise for our team to test and learn and respond to the needs of our customers in different ways outside of our regular direct and online channels,” Michele Casper, VP of public relations for Lands’ End, told Loyalty360. “The SoHo Pop-up Shop also offers our company a perfect opportunity to showcase our expanding family of quality brands—including our Canvas by Lands’ End and Lands’ End Sport collections—while offering a new and exciting shopping experience to our new and loyal customers who know us for our customer service, quality and timeless style."

Opening in the famous SoHo neighborhood of New York City, the pop-up store will be designed specifically with the area’s artistic history and chic style in mind. The store runs from now through February, giving fans of the store plenty of time to engage with the latest trend in CX.

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