Last week, Koch Automotive, Canada’s first e-commerce automotive website, implemented new touchpoints to improve the customer experience within the website.
Some of the changes include buyers being allowed to write a review of a vehicle and publish it on site, read other customer reviews, being able to track prices, create user accounts, and save a vehicle to their personal wish list.
Jeremy Koch, Assistant General Manager with Koch, discussed the new platform.
“The experience is simple, convenient, and honest. We achieve this through our UX/UI and the e-commerce platform. Having true e-commerce functions, like a product page tied to a live payment system, creates this sense of accountability when it comes to pricing, and I believe consumers pick up on that. We also love design, and we utilize it throughout our website with the customers' goals in mind.”
The implementation of the e-commerce platform comes as a response to consumer expectations and as a way to step into the modern era.
“People can do almost everything online, yet the car-buying experience was still stuck in the past. This was one of the reasons we switched to an e-commerce platform: we want to offer a modern and familiar shopping experience that customers expect in 2018. Additionally, a lot of the functionality we were looking for was already available in e-commerce, so that helped make the decision to move forward an easy one.”
With the new e-commerce platform being untested in the industry, customer feedback has been the ultimate determinant of how the new processes are effecting customers.
“The feedback has been positive. Customers are generally surprised by everything that they can do on our website. People seem to enjoy the accessibility, and we appreciate being able to see the consumer engagement evolve day-by-day.”
For Jeremy, he believes the digital landscape will continue to transform over the next few years, eventually carving itself into a digital showroom.
“I see everything transitioning to a digital showroom. Everything from sales to service can be run though our website. I envision our website as a hub for new car buyers or as a resource for our current customers.”

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