Klein Tools Brand LoyaltyFor Tom Barton, Product Marketing Manager for Klein Tools, brand loyalty comes from constantly meeting and exceeding customer expectations. That mantra has paid off superbly at Klein Tools.

“We believe that the quality of our products and services must equal or exceed our customers’ expectations,” Barton told Loyalty360. “Klein has earned a reputation as having the highest quality professional tools in the industry. The people who buy our tools know this and are willing to pay a premium for that quality. And to continue that loyalty, we have to maintain our quality. To maintain that quality and continually design effective tools, we have to keep an open dialogue with our end users. By obtaining input and feedback, we can keep improving our products making them the best they can be. If the end-user believes in our quality and our commitment to them, they will believe our messaging as being truthful and will make for more effective marketing.”

Barton said Klein Tools’ end users are mainly electricians.Klein Tools high quality

“Klein products are available where the electricians shop,” he explained. “We are in the electrical distributor stores as well as The Home Depot. They don’t have to go out of their way to find us. In addition, our new loyalty app was created to be store agnostic and simple to use. Therefore, wherever our customer shops, he will earn Klein loyalty points if he “Buys, Snaps, Redeems” with our Loyalty Rewards Program.”

Creating actionable insight from customer data can be a challenge, Barton noted.

“Glean what you can from research and user feedback and use it as a base,” he said. “Don’t limit yourself to data analysis only. There has to be some creative added to the mix. Not everything is concrete or black and white. There is a lot of gray in marketing and sometimes you just have to keep pushing ahead till something connects.”     

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