Kellogg’s Prioritizes Three Strategies for Engaging a Diverse Consumer Set

Brands as trustworthy as Kellogg’s can provide good advice based on their experience and longevity. Recently, the company shared strategies for reaching and engaging a more diverse consumer set. More than ever, consumers seek brands that are culturally relevant to them and what they value. Purchasing decisions are informed by how much they identify with the brand producing the product. 

Kellogg’s shares three strategies: 

  • Start and live by your purpose. – Understanding what your brand represents and keeping authenticity is crucial. 

  • Increase representation and upskilling initiatives. – Engage employees in this effort by educating them on cultural norms within the diverse consumer set. Empower marketers to embrace inclusivity and create multicultural campaigns in support of products.  

  • Turn data into insights and action. – With first-party data decreasing, leverage tools and technologies that will allow you to connect with “addressable” audiences.  

“To stay on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising, brands must prioritize inclusivity and awareness in their marketing strategies,” says Charisse Hughes, SVP, Chief Growth Officer, Kellogg Company.  

Considering the multicultural population in the U.S. boasts almost $4 trillion in spending power, Kellogg’s advice should not be ignored. 

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