Kate Spade Customer Experiencekate spade new york, a subsidiary of Kate Spade & Company, which designs and markets accessories and apparel, has partnered with Medallia to amplify its customer experience, both in-store and online.

With the Medallia Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, kate spade new york sales associates now have the ability to listen and respond to customer feedback in real time, providing a systematic approach to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The Medallia platform is hardwired throughout kate spade new york’s operations, providing the company with an accurate and real-time view into customer experiences across more than 300 global retail stores and katespade.com. 

“We are always refining our approach to provide the best customer experience, both online and in our stores,” Mary Beech, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Spade & Company, told Loyalty360. “Our brand promise is to inspire women to lead a more interesting life, which puts our customer at the center of our story. Our partnership with Medallia underscores our customer-centric philosophy in that it helps us further this dialogue with our customers and continue to build long-term relationships.  

Beech explained that the Medallia platform provides her company with a complete view of the customer experience.

“This allows us to actively pursue novel approaches to delight our customers, and provides us with new ways to exceed their expectations, directly based on customer feedback,” Beech said. “Customer feedback capabilities were a defining factor in selecting the right partner. We believe in the power of engaging our customers to, not only understand their feedback, but also to take action on it. Medallia furthers a consistent dialogue with our customers that allows us to improve and innovate.”

Beech shared Kate Spade & Company’s definition of customer experience.

“To us, great customer experience means creating a meaningful and long-term relationship with our customers,” she explained. “Customer experience is absolutely a competitive differentiator in today’s market, particularly as Kate Spade Customer Experienceretailers are now faced with offering consistent and seamless experiences both in-store and online.”

What’s more, Beech believes that customer loyalty is “and has always been about cultivating customer relationships. Today, the number of retail touch points customers have has dramatically increased, as has customers’ real-time access to a myriad of information, creating an incredibly complex environment. We understand the importance of a channel agnostic approach in order to engage with our customers in a meaningful way, no matter what channel or touch point.” 

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