Interactive Whiteboard Technology Extends Beyond Customer Engagement

The benefits of interactive whiteboard technology are varied, according to Summer Felix-Mulder, Co-Founder, The Draw Shop, and Loyalty360 talked to her about this intriguing topic and how it can impact several customer-facing areas.

Can you talk about some of the benefits of using interactive whiteboard technology that extend beyond engagement?

Felix-Mulder: Super customization. Multiple hyper-targeted audiences. Amazing ROI.

Let me put it like this:

So, 50 people arrive at your marketing video. Say 10 want to buy right now but have a short attention span. Seventeen would eventually buy as long as they heard more about your product and gained some trust. And another 12 are just looking, but are interested in buying something like what you’re selling sometime in the future.

You’d have to have chosen who to market this video for, and let the others fall by the wayside, or hope they eventually run into some of your collateral built for them.

Stepping back for a second, if we could imagine the ideal piece of collateral, it would look something like this:

Attracts eyeballs

Works on any platform

Hyper targets multiple target audiences at once

The first two in that list is almost a prerequisite for any marketing material. The third item is what we’re all chasing.

And it’s what interactive whiteboard tech is specialized to deliver.

How does interactive whiteboard technology allow companies to capture different types of customers with the same piece of content?

Felix-Mulder: The same way choose-your-own-adventure books lets you read a different book in the same pages. Every choice you make, every button you click, you’re funneled seamlessly toward collateral built just for you. Your experience changes based on your choices, offering tailored messages in response to every action.
Why does interactive whiteboard technology outperform quizzes and similar content?

Felix-Mulder: Nothing against quizzes and other such content. We use them. They’re good when they’re needed. But putting them in the ring with interactive whiteboard tech is just so not fair.
Interactive whiteboard tech allows you to provide customized advice based on what people tell you about their goals or challenges. It can even program the landing page hosting the video to display a specific call to action based on the viewer’s choices. If you make an online quiz or similar content interactive, you are going to see a huge uptick in completion rates.

Is interactive whiteboard technology geared toward certain demographics?

Felix-Mulder: By virtue, no. But, in actuality, its reach does extend to the most elusive demographics—including, especially, younger ones.

Younger demographics—those untrusting whippersnappers!— don’t trust traditional advertising. And why should they? It’s made to shoehorn them into buying a product. But with interactive video, they get to choose what they learn about a product. They get to control the conversation, and that means they can drop their guard a little. And when you put it into whiteboard, it’s been proven to be easier to digest and follow. It makes messages impossible to misunderstand!

What makes interactive whiteboard animations unique, appealing, and engaging?

Felix-Mulder: There’s a reason brands like Twitter, Uber, Hubspot and others are scooping up whiteboard videos to attract more customers. They’ve been proven to boost everything from email clickthrough rates to overall ROI on marketing budgets.

Take that power and consider interactivity, in all its glory:

It’s new 

It’s super effective (target every customer type with one piece of content)

It slurps up information about your customers for use later

It’s mobile-ready

It’s the direction things are going

Interactive whiteboard videos can satiate people ready to buy immediately, direct cooler hands to collateral that will ease them into the sales funnel, and gain trust of those more hesitant buyers without worrying about selling too much. Every person who reaches one can be directed to their perfect product solution, while you gain more information than you thought you could.

Imagine if you could put the perfect marketing collateral for nearly every demographic, every time. That’s the power of interactive whiteboard tech.

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