Instacart Announces New Advertising Capabilities Including Shoppable Brand Pages for CPG Companies

Instacart, a leading online grocery platform in North America, has announced a new collection of advertiser solutions, including brand pages and a suite of display products designed to maximize brand reach and consumer awareness for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands of all sizes in the digital grocery aisles. The new Instacart Ads products allow advertisers to run a full-funnel marketing strategy throughout the entire consumer shopping journey on Instacart – from awareness to consideration to purchase. Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Kidfresh, Klondike, Milton's Craft Bakers, Talenti, and Tillamook are among the first CPG advertisers to leverage Instacart Ads' new products.

Instacart's new brand pages enable CPG brands to drive consumers – both on and off Instacart – to a curated, shoppable destination where the consumer can explore the brand's product portfolio from their favorite retailers. Brand pages are free to create and give advertisers the flexibility to customize layouts, create product collections, and bring their brand's evergreen and seasonal storytelling to life with rich imagery and text. Advertisers can leverage unique URLs to send traffic from Instacart display ads as well as brands' off-platform marketing campaigns, directly to a shoppable digital storefront. Consumers can take action to purchase items directly from brand pages, which show products in stock from their last-shopped retailer.

Instacart also unveiled a new suite of display ads products to complement brand pages. The new display products are auction-based ads that appear throughout the shopping journey on Instacart, enabling brands to promote engaging, targeted, creative content to consumers. The new suite of display products includes banners that can be placed across discovery surfaces – from keyword search through browsing storefronts, departments, and aisles. Display ads also equip brands to reach new customers with customized targeting that is based on anonymized purchase behavior or specific keywords.

"We know the way consumers shop on Instacart varies. Some people head straight for a specific aisle to browse, and some start with the 'Buy It Again' carousel displayed on the storefront to get their favorite 'go to' items, while others have a list of items already in mind or might use the search function to find inspiration," said Ryan Mayward, Vice President of Ad Sales at Instacart. "As more people turn to Instacart to shop from their favorite retailers and discover new products, we're focused on creating unique ways to help brands engage consumers throughout their online shopping journey. Our new products are part of Instacart's ongoing commitment to develop innovative advertising solutions that support brands of all sizes as they focus on driving awareness, introducing exciting new products, maximizing reach, and inspiring consumers as they browse the digital aisles."

Brand pages and display ads will both be available in the Instacart Ads self-service portal, Ads Manager, and provide reporting to give brands visibility into anonymized and retailer-agnostic data insights, shopping behaviors, and trends. Ads Manager helps brands to identify their advertising goals, set custom budgets and schedules, control their content, and manage Sponsored Product bids at the campaign level. New features and tools now available within Ads Manager include daily budgeting capabilities, product content control via Library Manager, and on-demand business data via Customer Insights, all accessible in a self-service portal.

"Tillamook is committed to making meaningful connections with food lovers across the country and the Instacart brand page provides a platform to promote seasonally relevant products and content. We look forward to learning and growing with Instacart Ads in the year ahead," said Emily Wale, Senior Manager of Shopper Marketing and eCommerce at Tillamook.

"As we've grown, Instacart Ads has been an integral part of our retail marketing strategy, both to promote our customer-favorite line of crackers and to introduce our newest product – Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Our products have primarily been in the snack aisle so entering a new category, frozen foods, meant we needed to engage with customers and make sure they knew where to find our pizza. The Instacart Ads team has been incredible to work with, ensuring we're increasing the visibility and findability of our products with new display ads in every retailer where our pizza is available, including our most recent expansion into Albertsons, Vons, and Safeway," said Erica Reilly, Digital Engagement Manager, Milton's Craft Bakers. "We're extremely pleased with the results so far and look forward to continued success with Instacart Ads as they help us do what we do best – share the joy of eating well together."

"Founded by parents, Kidfresh creates versions of classic, kid-favorite foods with quality, healthy ingredients. As an emerging kids' frozen food brand, gaining brand awareness and introducing ourselves to new audiences is a key priority. Instacart Ads has helped us reach the millennial parents and families we're creating these products for. By leveraging Instacart Ads' new display products, we were able to drive household penetration and increase our sales," said Lindsay Kaden, VP Marketing & Innovation, Kidfresh.

The company's flagship Sponsored Product offering, coupled with the new brand pages and suite of display products, equips brands on the Instacart marketplace with comprehensive full-funnel marketing capabilities with unique consumer insights, scale, and reach. Instacart today offers self-service and managed ad services for more than 4,000 CPG brands. Instacart also partners with industry-leading API partners that have built campaign management and optimization applications leveraging the Instacart Ads API.

The new suite of display ads is now available to all advertisers. Brand pages are currently being piloted by select advertisers and will soon be available to all Instacart brand partners.

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