Insiders Club a Hit for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola offered a limited number of fans the opportunity to become a member of the Coca-Cola Insiders Club, a new subscription serviced launched on Monday.


“The Coca-Cola Insiders Club invites thirsty (and curious) subscribers to sign up for a monthly shipment of three category-spanning beverages – from AHA flavored sparkling water to Coke Energy – plus a few surprises and swag,” the company said in a release.


The cost of the six-month membership is $10 per month or $50 prepaid.


Only 1,000 memberships were available, and they sold out in just three hours. However, those who are interested in joining the Insiders Club can get on a waiting list. Coca-Cola says those on the waiting list will be notified when spots become available.


“We’re absolutely thrilled to see how quickly the spots went, which shows just how passionate consumers are about our brands and innovations,” said Alex Powell, digital experiences manager, Coca-Cola North America. “It proves there is an opportunity to scale the concept and allow more people to participate.”


Coca-Cola noted the explosion of the e-commerce subscription market – which it says has more than doubled annually over the last five years – as the impetus for their Insiders Club.


The legendary brand will pick which products are packaged in each delivery, with the hope of building an excitement as recipients unpack the boxes brought to their doors.


“As a total beverage company, we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate not only in our products – but also in the consumer-centric experiences we offer,” said McCrea O’Haire, digital experiences manager, Coca-Cola North America. “People want choice, convenience and customization. The Insiders Club will allow us to showcase the diversity of the drinks we offer and get some of our newest innovations into the hands of fans who want to be among the first to enjoy them.”


Coca-Cola says it will monitor sales, feedback and social media buzz and consider expanding beyond the six-month trial.

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