Incomm Customer LoyaltyIt just got even simpler for companies to use gift cards for customer engagement and brand loyalty, thanks to InComm Incentives, InComm’s new ecommerce store that lets stores purchase multi-brand gift cards from a diverse selection of national brands in bulk.

“InComm Incentives is a tool that allows brand loyalty and incentive companies, among others, to access a broad portfolio of stored value products in one location and order the products in physical or digital formats,” Mike Fletcher, general manager of InComm Digital Solutions, told Loyalty360.  

Fletcher explained that incentives, rewards, and promotional companies want the ability to establish customer loyalty, place orders quickly, have flexible payment options, track orders quickly, and work with one provider for physical and digital fulfillment.

brand loyalty gift cards

“InComm Incentives was developed with these needs in mind,” he said. “To provide ease and variety to our customers.”

The online ordering solution offers a wide variety of products, including third-party gift cards, financial service/open-loop cards, digital content, and gaming cards.

“InComm distributes stored value to consumers through 450,000 retail outlets globally,” Fletcher said. “It also distributes stored value on behalf of very large incentive and loyalty programs in real time through an integration with our platform.”

The new initiative meets the needs of an audience that falls between these two groups.

“It’s for a program manager or human resource manager that needs more stored value products than they could easily purchase from a retail outlet, but not so many and so often that it justifies an API integration,” Fletcher added.

InComm Incentives also allows for heightened customer engagement. Customers are able to one-stop-shop and place orders quickly for multiple brands on an easy-to-use site. They can also track where orders are in the fulfillment process. Customers can also set up corporate accounts to easily place repeat orders.

Seamless navigation further enhances the user and customer experience. The Portland-based company designed the site to make the checkout process simple and straightforward. 

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