Incentive Solutions, a Full-Range Business Incentive Services Provider, Revealed Several Improvements to the RewardTrax Incentive Platform, the Technology Behind the Company’s Online, Points-Based Incentive Programs; The New RewardTrax Features Will Decrease Administrative Overhead and Deliver Employee Reward and Recognition, Customer Loyalty and Channel Sales Incentive Programs With Greater Motivational Capabilities

ATLANTA, GA—(September 20, 2010)—Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based, full-range business incentive services provider, announced several enhancements to the RewardTrax incentive platform—the “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) technology powering the company’s online, points-based incentive programs.  The new RewardTrax features will deliver reward programs with greater motivational capabilities and less administrative overhead.

The new enhancements reside in the RewardTrax’ Performance Tracking module, a set of features that allow the platform to calculate and award points through the use of program rules and related data.  Performance Tracking is often employed in customer loyalty, distributor reward and channel sales incentive programs. Improvements include:

  • Reward Thresholds: point awards can be triggered by performance targets. Rules and thresholds can be set up as individual goals or apply to everyone in program
  • Automated Claim Verification: In programs using claim submissions (proof of purchase, for example) verification tools can now automatically check the validity of submissions and immediately award points
  • Individual Goal Tracking: to motivate goal achievement,  the platform monitors individual and team progress towards pre-defined performance goals.

“Program administrators can now assign performance goals on an individual basis and monitor the progress of every participant,  encouraging participants to reach their goals and earn points,” says Kelly Held, VP of Information Technologies at Incentive Solutions. “And programs that use data submissions for point claims will require less oversight. We listened to our customers before designing these new features—and the clients using the tools are giving them positive reviews.”

RewardTrax delivers custom branded, points-based reward, loyalty and incentive programs designed by Incentive Solutions to achieve businesses goals and objectives like growing customer loyalty, boosting sales revenue,  increasing employee retention and engagement through reward and recognition, strengthening channel marketing, motivating sales teams and more. Incentive Solutions’ reward portfolio also includes incentive and group travel programs and branded debit card rewards.

Incentive Solutions offers free consultations and complimentary demonstrations of RewardTrax to help businesses evaluate if incentive programs can help boost performance. Call 1-866-567-7432 or visit Incentive Solutions website.

About Incentive Solutions

Based in Atlanta, GA, Incentive Solutions is a leading provider of business incentive programs,  group incentive travel and prepaid card reward solutions. Their customized incentive solutions are designed to help clients strengthen relationships and motivate behaviors integral to reaching organizational objectives. Clients use Incentive Solutions’ array of incentive products and services for customer loyalty and acquisition, employee recognition, motivation and retention, channel sales incentives, sales force motivation and more.

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