Hyundai Customer LoyaltyHyundai officials believe college football fans and Hyundai owners have one thing in common: brand loyalty.

As a result, Hyundai will connect with millions of passionate college football fans across the country through its multi-faceted #ThisIsLoyalty campaign−which includes regional advertising, social media engagement, and game day experiences.

Hyundai is the No. 1 automotive brand in customer loyalty for six years running, according to Brand Keys. Just as football fans show their loyalty, passion, and dedication, Hyundai fans show their customer loyalty by buying another Hyundai.

Loyalty360 caught up with Jacquelyn Kim, Director, Customer Communications & Promotions, Hyundai Motor America, to find out more about this exciting customer loyalty campaign.

What factors prompted the #ThisIsLoyalty Campaign and what are your goals for it from a customer engagement/customer experience/customer loyalty perspective?

A theme we have identified for sports fans is loyalty. Loyalty stands for the passion fans have for their team. Loyalty made sense as a cornerstone for the campaign since our owners “or Hyundai fans” show their loyalty by purchasing another car with us.

Last year we saw 10 million fans visit the Hyundai FieldHouse, whether in person or online, and we are looking to increase the number of visits this year. From a customer experience perspective, we want fans to celebrate loyalty and passion with us, whether it be downloading a free school-branded window cling for their tailgate car or coming to hangout in the Hyundai FieldHouse. We are looking to connect with fans, making sure they have a great experience this football season.

How much did customer feedback play in this campaign development?Hyundai Loyalty

Customer feedback is important when we develop campaigns.  Since this program is in its fifth year, we have gained key learnings from our fans each season. For example, due to positive comments from our fans on our collaboration, we have added three new partner schools to the roster to participate in a Tastemade episode this year.

What makes this campaign unique?

The #ThisIsLoyalty marketing program is unique by offering college football fans special Game Day experiences. We are bringing the Hyundai FieldHouse, where fans can mingle with each other and meet surprise university celebrities, to our 17 partner schools (Alabama, Arizona State, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, USC and Wisconsin). In the Hyundai FieldHouse, fans will also be able to check out the latest vehicles in Hyundai’s lineup and play fun tailgating games.

We are also partnering with popular YouTube cooking network to shoot episodes of The Grill Iron at nine partner schools. Each episode will feature a noted local chef who will cook up tailgate favorites.

What does customer loyalty mean to Hyundai and has that definition changed or evolved in recent years?

What customer loyalty means to Hyundai is current owners of a Hyundai vehicle coming back to their dealership and purchasing another vehicle with us. That definition has evolved over time as customer loyalty does not only mean that, but also to include being a Hyundai advocate when owners talk to their friends and family. 

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