Hunt Brothers Pizza Customer ExperienceWith more than 7,000 locations in 28 states, Hunt Brothers® Pizza is the nation’s largest brand of made-to-order pizza in the convenience store industry. What makes the company so popular is its keen sense of how to spark customer engagement and create a memorable customer experience.

Hunt Brothers® Pizza just announced its inaugural ‘Mow Like a Pro’ Sweepstakes, which offers more than $36,000 in prizes available through spring lawn makeover giveaway. Hunt Brothers® Pizza will help six lucky winners give their yards the five-star treatment in the new “Mow Like a Pro” sweepstakes. Hunt Brothers Pizza is giving away commercial-grade lawn care prizes from Exmark, a leading manufacturer of professional turf care equipment, including:

Grand Prize: Exmark Lazer Z X-Series Riding Mower

First Prize: Exmark Pioneer S-Series Riding Mower

Second Prize: Exmark Quest S-Series Front Steer Riding Mower

Third Prize: Exmark Commercial 30 Walk-Behind Mower

To enter, buy a specially marked whole pizza from Hunt Brothers Pizza for a Mow Like a Pro entry code. Go to the sweepstakes page on or and submit the entry code. Entry codes are also available by mail. No purchase is necessary to win.

Mow Like a Pro runs through April 30.

Keith Solsvig, Vice President of Marketing for Hunt Brothers Pizza, participated in an intriguing Q&A with Loyalty360.

What factors prompted Hunt Brothers Pizza to offer this Sweepstakes and how do they hope it will impact customer engagement/customer experience?

Hunt Brothers Pizza teamed with the landscape equipment professionals at Exmark for its new Mow Like a Pro sweepstakes as a way to reach and reward our loyal customers. Many of our convenience store partners serve Hunt Brothers Pizza to landscape and lawn care professionals on a regular basis, and Exmark is a leader in professional turf care management equipment. Likewise, we know that many Hunt Brothers Pizza consumers take pride in the appearance of their yards, so professional lawn care equipment from Exmark would be a great prize for them too.

Additionally, Mow Like a Pro is the first time Hunt Brothers Pizza has used an entry code—available on whole pizza boxes—for a sweepstakes. We anticipate this will help our store partners increase sales and develop more customer loyalty. If a fan doesn’t live near one of our locations, we also offer a Hunt Brothers Pizza Customer Experiencemail-in, no purchase necessary option to obtain an entry code. Mow Like a Pro allows us to reward our consumers with more than a satisfied craving for hot and delicious pizza.  

How does HBP define customer loyalty and has that definition changed or evolved in this era of the Empowered Customer?

We know that our customers have a choice. This applies to both groups of our customers: our business partners/retailers and our consumers. For Hunt Brothers Pizza, customer loyalty means providing excellent service and earning his/her respect. Our customers are the most valuable brand ambassadors we have, and we want to serve them in a way that reinforces their decision to partner with or support us. This is a principle established by the original four Hunt Brothers in the 1960s and something we still believe today; however, the modern customer needs additional benefits. Mow Like a Pro is a perfect example of how Hunt Brothers Pizza has added another level to our brand as a way to maintain and grow customer loyalty. For our business partners and retailers, this offers them another incentive to market our products, and ultimately grow their store’s overall sales. Many other companies drive traffic through discounting, but that is a short-lived activity. For Hunt Brothers Pizza fans, we are showing that we understand them as Hunt Brothers Pizza Customer Experiencemore than just a consumer. We want to reward them in other areas of their lives, as well.       

What does Customer Experience mean to HBP?

Hunt Brothers Pizza is a family-owned and operated business with deep roots spanning more than 50 years. Those roots are made of strong family principles, which influence every aspect of our business today. Our guiding principles are: Place God first in all we do, be a blessing to people, trust God to meet our needs, and strive for excellence. Being a blessing to people is what drives every Hunt Brothers Pizza team member to deliver the best customer experience. We honor these guiding principles, and we establish working relationships with convenience store partners based on mutual respect instead of a franchise agreement. Furthermore, the Hunt Brothers Pizza slogan “Made for Me” illustrates our desire to be a servant to our customers and ensure they have a positive experience, with a quality product that can be customized at a location that meets their needs.  

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