The HumanaVitality loyalty program is a great success story and is one of the earliest wellness programs to reward its members for improving their health. While the program has been in place for several years, it still sees strong growth in participation, engagement, and reward redemptions.

Stuart Slutzky, Chief, Product Innovation, HumanaVitality , talked about the success of the loyalty program during his session, “Building an Incentive Program that Keeps Customers Engaged Year After Year,” on Tuesday at the 9th annual Loyalty Expo, presented by Loyalty360 – The Association for Customer Loyalty.

In a bold step to help its health plan members live healthier lives, HumanaVitality’s wellness and loyalty program offers a wide range of well-being tools and reward-partners through a joint venture with the program’s parent, Discovery Holdings. A key element of the program includes a sophisticated health-behavior-change model supported by an actuarially sound incentive program.

Slutzky said the program keeps customers engaged year after year. It has 45,000 employer clients and 3.7 million members. It is scientifically based and embedded across all Humana fully insured employers.
The program drives real change through personalized goals and activities, verifiable results, broad and affordable access, and intelligent incentives.

It motivates though a fun member experience (interactive website, complete a health assessment, receive your Vitality Age, select goals to improve risks or maintain health, engage in a personal pathway, and enjoy Vitality points and Vitality rewards.

What’s more, the program offers a broad range of partners seamlessly integrated to track activities and engagement. The program offers more than 8,000 fitness facility locations and online telephonic coaching.

Members receive an initial status, activating wellness (complete health assessment), committing to wellness (set goals and ongoing engagement in activities; show positive outcomes)

Dedicating to wellness (rigorous engagement throughout the year, good outcome measures or achievement of goals, and championing wellness).

Broad rewards motivate differing aspirations

HealthyFood Pick6 (Members receive immediate savings of up to 50% on healthy food at Walmart)

Employer engagement portal (Humana’s engagement portal saves a significant amount of time in creating communications to employees.

HumanaVitality Champs

Who are the Champs?

What do they do?

HumanaVitality Champs are leaders at the client site who promote the wellness program and engage their co-workers. 

Champs can be at any point of the health spectrum

Only requirement is that they are working toward a healthy lifestyle and want to share the momentum of their mission and the energy of their successes with co-workers

HumanaVitality champs participate in extra training above and beyond general member education so they are knowledgeable on the product and can help answer fellow employees questions

They organize, lead, and communicate activities that include biometric screenings, group walks and runs, campaigns and contests

-35.7% of members have lost an average of 10.7 pounds in body weight
-111,770 (The increase in number of daily fruit and vegetable servings)
-16.4% decrease in smokers

The first three years that HumanaVitality was offered to Humana employees was from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2014.

Employees grouped into three levels using average engagement over the three years 
High: Average points per year >= 8,000 (1,874 members)
Medium: Average points per year of 5,000
7,999 (4,685 members)
Low: Average points per year < 5,000 (8,204 members)

Members with similar demographic characteristics were matched 
Characteristics included age, gender, health plan type, salary band, job function, and engagement trend


Outcome measures included allowed medical and pharmacy claims, healthcare utilization, biometric screening and absenteeism data

Outcome measures compared between engaged and non-engaged employees

Engagement determined using average engagement in the program over multiple years 

Propensity score matching used for direct comparisons
Loyalty Expo was held May 24-26, 2016, at the DoubleTree Universal in Orlando, Florida.

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