Double coupons have their place in the aisle and in the wallet. But when it comes to reaching today’s smart, time-strained shopper, it is the two-for-one force of retailers and CPG companies, partnering to understand the whole of her needs, that delivers the most effective campaigns.

Think about it. What worked last year may no longer hold sway with today’s mobile-reliant, social-networking shopper. Trends in health,  cuisine and even childcare come and go. What appealed to “foodies” in 2009 may be passé in 2011.

Shopper data bears this out.

To reach this desirable shopper, retailers and CPG companies must move beyond promotions as one-time specials, and think of campaigns as solutions to shopper demands. Bundle the key brand with other products and information that support her current lifestyle. A new mother may require diapers, but she also is hungry for articles on how to manage time and for self-indulging beauty products.

Through promotional partnerships, CPG companies and retailers can:

  • Benefit from greater sales and profits, 
  • reduce their individual costs, and
  • add greater value for the shopper.

That last point cannot be emphasized enough. For example, a key trend among consumers today is healthy eating. By fully understanding the lifestyles and interests of these health-conscious shoppers, retailers and CPG companies can promote items that resonate in a way that is fast,  easy and sure to drive cross-category purchases. Instead of merely promoting fruit juice, they can create a display in the organic produce section that includes juice, healthy-living magazines, vitamins and low-sodium soups. 

Suddenly, that shopper trusts that retailer, and those brands, as the answer to her needs.

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