High Quality Content Spurs Brand Loyalty at Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem CMO Keira Krausz referred to it as “content suspicion” when she spoke to Loyalty360 about how customers are changing.

“For years, consumers have been bombarded with information,” Krausz explained. “Lately, we all worry more about what’s ‘fake’ and what’s true. This is a societal trend, but particularly relevant in weight management. We’ve been helping people lose weight in a healthy way for over 40 years and are true experts. We have had a team of highly trained and devoted counselors for decades. To address the growing need for high-quality content, we launched content sites for each of our brands. They provide hints, advice, support for healthy living and safe and effective weight loss. The growth has been explosive. Now we are pushing that content out via social media. And by watching what people respond to, we learn more about how we can serve people better. We’ve taken our brand equity and expertise and leveraged it to deepen relationships with customers.”

Another key change among customers is the shift to mobile, coupled with the use of multiple devices at the same time.

“Consumers use their mobile devices as the primary means of getting information, researching, communicating, and purchasing,” Krausz said. “We have had to think and act ‘mobile first’—from advertising to site design, to user experience, to support. In addition, we know people use mobile AND something else. For example, and important for a company like ours which advertises on television and digital, we need to realize that consumers watch a commercial with their mobile devices in their hands, and the next action they take will be on mobile. We have had to adjust our ads, our landing pages, the way we measure success, and even the way we answer questions in the Contact Center.”

Higher expectations shadow customers everywhere they go.

“We interact in a world where everything is provided faster and faster, and any issues are shared on social media,” Krausz added. “To meet and exceed expectations, we’ve made our sites faster, removed friction from shopping experiences, increased the use of social media to engage with our customers, and identified opportunities for improvement and solve problems immediately. We are also fortunate to have an in-house, award-winning Contact Center. We hear about ways to improve and serve quickly, so we can, in turn, act fast.”

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of Nutrisystem’s success.

“We have a number of ways we engage employees to learn about customers and provide great customer service,” Krausz explained. “First, we have consistent goals across the company so that we are aligned with our mission. Second, we are fortunate to have teams of people who interact directly with customers day in and day out: Our Contact Center team and social media team. The Contact Center is a leading provider of customer insights that lead to innovation. We consult team members regularly to hear what they are hearing and learn from them. Our social media team has simple, fast, and effective processes to take what they see and hear via monitoring and interactions and help the rest of us improve.”

What’s more, Nutrisystem fosters a culture of respect and openness, “so that anyone can share constructive criticism, take an idea and make it better, or present a break-out concept,” Krausz said. “Each person is empowered to get involved, speak up, and improve what we do.”

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