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If asked to draw ketchup, what would you draw? That's the question Heinz asked people all over the world in an anonymous social experiment. The result? People drew Heinz Ketchup. Now, Heinz is inviting Canadians to 'draw ketchup' for a chance to see their artwork come to life on the iconic Heinz Ketchup bottle.

"Consumers love the unmistakable taste of Heinz, and people around the world give credit to Heinz Ketchup as the original and only option out there," says Daniel Gotlib, Associate Director of Brand Building & Innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada.

"We wanted to uncover that instinctual and intuitive association consumers have between ketchup and Heinz. When we anonymously asked consumers to simply draw ketchup, we learned that when people think ketchup, they think and visualize Heinz – everything from our deep red colour and distinctive name to the keystone label and, of course, our iconic glass bottle.”

The experiment was conducted with dozens of participants across five continents, none of whom knew the brand. They were told to "draw ketchup," and most drew a bright red bottle with "Heinz" from memory. Others opted to draw details like the keystone label, a tomato hanging from a vine, or the number 57 on the neck of a glass bottle. The quality of the drawings ranged from messy doodles to finely-rendered illustrations, but the vast majority of participants had something in common: when they drew ketchup, they drew Heinz.

Now, Heinz is inviting Canadians to bring their ketchup drawing to life. From January 18-31, 2021 Canadians can visit drawketchup.ca to submit their artwork. The best drawings will win a custom box and bottle with their drawing on the label to be used the next time they want to enjoy their fries, or to keep as a memento to show off at their next barbecue. You don't have to be a famous artist to take part - every doodle is just dandy.

250 people will win a custom bottle. The original experiment invited people aged 8 to 80 to participate, but everyone is welcome. The social contest is the perfect activity to take part in as people stay safe at home.

Canadians who want to get inspired can visit @Heinz_CA and share their creations on social media.

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