Hard Rock Evolves Its Loyalty Program to Ensure Value and Benefits

Evolution of a loyalty program can be a complex and tricky maneuver for brands, keeping their member offerings fresh and engaging.

Hard Rock International officials sought to evolve their Hard Rock Rewards loyalty program and did so through a Member Rates offering.

Amy Ceriani, Hard Rock’s director of customer loyalty, talked to Loyalty360 about the company’s recent launch.

“Evolving our program to ensure we are delivering value and benefits that will keep members engaged is one of the reasons we recently launched our Member Rates program,” Ceriani explained to Loyalty360.

She listed some key aspects of the program:

 - Delivering transparency, convenience, and value—eliminating the hassle of the search saves time.
 - Having guests engage directly with the Hard Rock website is also one of the program’s goals.
 - Members know they will be getting value for a great rate and the all of the perks of being a Member.
 - Guests can easily rationalize the value proposition being provided.

“We also anticipate a lift in program membership as potential guests will see the additional value of joining Hard Rock Rewards,” Ceriani said. “Guest feedback is very important in our ability to deliver an authentic Hard Rock experience, of which Rewards is one component. Saving time and money are highly valued to our members. We know that our guests want easy access to the best rates and one-stop shopping. Or goal is to give them the confidence to book direct. Our portfolio continues to grow and delivering the one-stop shopping experience helps them stay informed of the latest option.”

Ceriani said that when Hard Rock delivers an authentic experience, customer loyalty often follows, leaving guests “with a hopeful high desire to visit us again.”

Securing customer membership in the program offers a way for Hard Rock officials to stay connected with their members.

“Customer loyalty, to us, has multiple facets,” Ceriani explained. “From our most frequently visiting fans who seek us out every time they travel the globe, to the ones who select us for their special occasion getaways, we understand and recognize their value. The base expectation remains the same: Value in belonging by recognition and rewards will be delivered. The evolution of how we reward and recognize continues to evolve and has become the challenge of the modern-day loyalty marketer. Members expect value from any program they are willing to subscribe to. Guest loyalty is becoming more elusive and highly sought after than ever before. Hard Rock delivers this through our new program.” 

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